Thursday, May 24, 2012

Turtle - redo .. paint suggestion?

My Aunt Elise from across the country had these super cute turtle guys on her steps. There are three of them. I saw them and said wow how cute and they ended up on my doorstep. yeah! This is one. I got them and I want to repaint them in style. I have been waiting for the color inspiration. They are like the coated plaster.  I have no idea what kind of paint to use on them. But I found some inspiration color.

I saw this guys at my local grocery store below. He was quite pricey almost half the cost of this table set he was sitting on. Which was also suppper cute! I love those bright colors in my desert brown environment. 
So I want to take some of the colors and paint those little turtles.  A project for summer. Something to keep busy in the evening I just have to add the right kind of paint and so there I am stuck. 

They are not plastic. They are heavy but not concrete. 
So any thoughts? I'll take them before I start. I love them!

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