Thursday, August 18, 2011


Another pic from vacation. My kiddo and my Nan at a restaurant at the the Ferry on Coronado Island. Candelas. Oh yum. So good food. I didn’t take any food pics because I swallowed the whole thing before I thought about it. Very nice food!


Today I have to sew patches on my Wolf Den Leader shirt. Yikes. I have everything out. We shall see how I do. Just a tad nervous that I get it right and not crooked. J Good thing I have a stitch ripper.  Comes in handy with my abilities with thread and needle.  My Mom made my Wedding Dress and has sewing talent galore. I can remember her making  wedding dresses for others when we were little. (One time we as kids freaked out as Kenny Rogers was at our door to pickup his daughters wedding dress. Years later we figured out it was a lookalike. We were in pure awe.) I can remember hearing the sewing machine run and run and run. What a great talent and skill to have. I guess I never picked up the sewing talent or maybe I just need some good old fashioned practice, but after so many years I am still attached to my digital cutters! Hard to get some practice in with anything else.


I am also working on some new ideas to shake up the QMC. Next one is my to-do. I am excited about the ideas. (Thank you Lori for giving me the break!) I have been working on getting it together and can’t wait to announce the new stuff for it.


Just now I saw on GMA some folks singing and dancing. I am time warped. Did they just fall out of an 80’s time machine? Wow.


I have been working hard on cleaning out my studio. I started in one corner and am working my way around. I want it emptied out and cleaned up before I start the holiday projects. So I have committed some time each day to work through boxes and drawers and things that are stuffed every where in my studio.  I know have an in progress table where I am working on items I can place them. Before I just shuffled them back and forth while I try to get all the pieces together. No with a certain spot. I am happppy about it! Fun Fun. (And yes my fakery cupcakes are there as I plan to take them to a friend to decorate the tops. So I haven’t skipped sending you pics. )


And now I am off to battle the shirt and the patches.


Have a fantastic day!!!





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