Friday, August 12, 2011

Busy Week .. more pics to come..

It has been a very busy week with lots of things to do.  Returning from vacation is always busy busy. I am looking through all the pictures to post some on my blog. An easy one to post is this one from the Restaurant on top of the Fish market. Absolutely yum. And they made the Panzanella Salad without croutons for me and it was so yum. I love tomatoes. So yum. And the sea bass so good. Just the whole thing was yum. It was a last minute stop before we headed back to the desert. And an excellent find. My husband and I walked into the Fish Market and I promptly jumped in line at this busy bustling restaurant with oyster bar. My husband sees these stairs and runs up them with our kiddo in tow. A few  minutes later my little one sticks his head around the corner and says “Come on” I head on up and wow. Beautiful view. Lots of light as we looked out on the bay and watched the boats passing by. My son was very pleased with his fish shaped Cheese pizza. (CAN I ROLL MY EYES?) He loves Salmon and they actually had it on the kid’s menu. He was hungry and chowed the whole “fish shaped pizza” and my hubbies oyster crackers and tons of rolls. He was starving. And we walked over to Seaport Village to grab some fudge and check out a few shops before our long drive home. Wonderful afternoon. And the morning was spent with  my hubby and son building sand castles and sitting with my Nan on the beach and chatting. It was wonderful. I have pictures to post and will do so.


Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy every moment!


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