Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yeah for 7 years old!

Today is my 7 year old’s birthday! He is such a joy in our life.(and yes this is his new silly grin, he is trying to show off how his new tooth is coming in. hahah) I asked him what he wanted for his “birthday dinner”. His reply was Ra! Sushi. Well this is a bit of a drive from us on a school night, so we have setup plans for another day to get some Sushi with friends! Yeah! But 2nd choice was El Charro Café. So we shall be enjoying some yummy mexi-food for dinner to celebrate. And Celebrate we did on Saturday. No Matter the weather. And it was freezing freezing. We live in Arizona and for the most part I would think warm, but last Saturday was rain and cold about 40 degrees. In the a.m., my little one and I were worried not many would come, but by mid afternoon we had a full house filled with warmth and laughter and whenever the rain let up the fire was going with s’mores and the kids ran around like crazy. By the evening, some of us watched a movie with the kids others still hung out by the fire. So wonderful. Thank you to everyone who came and as usual those who couldn’t I totalllllly get it. It was chilly willy.


Happy Birthday to my kiddo. Truly we are blessed to have him in our lives.




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