Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The April-June 2011 QMC is up. grab those early bird files!!

Current January through March files are listed at the bottom of this email.

Please download all 29 by April 15th. These files will be available in the store

For those who have not purchase the Jan-Mar membership already.

Please visit the forum or 4shared and download your files.


Thank you so much for all the emails asking me where the April-June Membership!!

Every one of them made me smile from ear to ear! You really are an awesome group!

Which is now up in the store. Join in the next few days and you will also got the bonus files shown below

Early Bird Bonus file… 4 of the…

Summer Fun Mini Album for a journal or mini scrapbook. Two styles, one with 2011 and one without.

Swimsuit Season with a title, Swim border, and stylized sun.

2 butterfly card fronts… very stylized and easy for quick gifts

2 fancy flower edges.. great for a vinyl cut, etching, or the side of a garden scrapbook page. Easy cut and versatile.

And “the perks 2011” is open to current members. This is any free files from 2011 I post on my blog and have taken down from there. They are posted in the perks section for downloading.

You can join here.

Early Bird Files for the first few days in store shown below. Download immediately from store after purchase.

If you’d like to join, jump in here.

And thank you again for everyone who does. You support my passion of creating cutter files and my family.

While you are in the store… Visit the Grab Bag for April. It is full of 3D items and lots of cuts.

For only $7.00

___The list of Jan-Mar QMC Files for members of 1st quarter. Please download by April 15th ____

You must have purchased membership already to download.

1. CD00807 - Tending my Heart 
2. CD00806 - Heart Card Fronts 806 
3. CD00809 - Your Smiles Make 
4. CD00808(_2) - Love Bird Card Set 
5. CD00811 - Groovy 
6. CD00814 - Fun Gals Group 1 
7. CD00813 - Fun Gals Group 2 
8. CD00816 - HUnting & Fishing 
9. CD00815 - Cupcake Wrapper Football 
10. CD00817 - Pram Set 
11. CD00818 - Mr. Blockhead 
12. CD00819 - Shamrock Set 
13. CD00820 - Good luck goodie bag 
14. CD00824 - Fancy Birdcage 
15. CD00822 - Frogs Rule 
16. CD00827 - Dinosaur 
17. CD00823 - Flower Moments 
18. CD00826 - Elephant under a Rainbow 
19. CD00825 - Fancy Tall Cards 
20. CD00828 - Identity Crisis 
21. CD00831 - Familyt that/penguins 
22. CD00829 - My heart is filled with Clover 
23. CD00830 - Heart Hands 
24. CD00832 - Senioritis 
25. CD00833 - ABC- IloveU 

26. CD00834 - Runners Club 
27. CD00835 - New Car New Ride 
28. CD00839 - Dancing across the page 
29. CD00840 - Fleur de lis 

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