Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last day to grab those early bird files

They are getting ready to fly away!!


Today is the last day the early bird files will be offered with the Quarterly Membership Club.

This membership promises 20+, in the past there has been 29, if you add these 4early bird files.

That is a lot of membership and files with lots of cuts for $10.00


You can join here…


If you want to see more info about the files and details visit here.


For those who have joined already thank you!! For those just about to .. welcome..


For those wondering about files in membership.. here are some unsolicited testimonials from my QMC members.




"After the agony of trying to cut a title/sentiment file this weekend which must have had 1000 or more nodes, (from a designer from another store, not from VDBC) I can't wait to get more of your easy-to-cut files, Chris. Thanks for all the effort you put into editing the nodes! It really makes a difference for me." - Lisa


“Yours was the first membership I ever joined, in fact your files were the first I ever had that didn't come from the Silhouette store! Your memberships are the BEST, as are the files in your store.” - Vicki


“I HAD to have the membership NOW! I'm very impatient when it comes to getting you membership clubs! ROFLOL Love, love, LOVE what you have already!!!! Beautiful files, ladies...go see....go see!!!!!!” - Sue


“Glad to see I'm not the only one that loves Chris's files.” - Ginger


THANK YOU as always to my MEMBERS! You are the best.





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