Tuesday, April 19, 2011

weird but true: Tomatoes

I am in a weird mood. Maybe because I am stressed about my coughing kiddo. Missing the hubby who is at work and I just wanna play hookie for a day. Or just because it’s one of those days when I am in a weird mood where I ponder weird things. So here is my weird moment…


I love Tomatoes. I don’t like the skin. Is that bizarre? I always get looks. I buy tomatoes and eat one every day for lunch. I love heirloom tomatoes. A good tomato sits on the counter and warms up before you eat it. A better tomato is fresh from the garden. (hard to get hear with the heat and the birds, and varmints) Mozarella tomato and balsamic vinegar yum. Tomatoes under the broiler on a piece of gluten free toast with a little cheese on top. Yum. Spaghetti rice Noodles with olive oil, feta cheese, turkey sausage cut up in chunks, chopped green onions and you guessed it… tomatoes. Oh double whammy yum for a delish meal. But the skin ugh. I don’t like it at all. I plant cherry tomatoes because folks can grab them and go. My kiddo loves them in that way. Me I am not a fan of the cherry tomato. Why? Because well… you guessed it… to much skin!



Have a fantastic day!






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