Monday, April 25, 2011

1st place "sticker" for my Jam

Now that the Fair is over and what an awesome Fair. I have a few
pictures and stories to share.
Here is my first. Yeah I got 1st place for my first entry of Jam in the
fair. So excited about this. I entered Pineapple Pear Jam. Of course I
checked to make sure I wasn't the only one. It looked like there were 1st
and 2nd places and best of show for each type of canned goods. I was very

My son, however, not as excited for me. He got a 1st and 2nd place RIBBON.
When he saw my little blue 1st place sticker. He said. It's a sticker? I
said yeah I get the ribbon after the Fair but isn't that so cool. He smiled
at me and said "It's a Sticker." And gave me the smile where I know he knows
he is giving me a hard time. So I replied with. " I think I need an awards
cork board like yours for all my awards." He smiled his toothy grin and said
"MOM, It's a sticker!" hahaha love our banter.

My hubby took lots of pics and was super proud of our ventures in entering
the Fair. The Fair is one of my most favorite things. So getting a sticker
or a ribbon made me super happy!!! Thanks to all the friends and family who
commented and saw it!
Love it.

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