Monday, December 27, 2010

Just after Christmas ramblings.

Starting a new … Well got up this morning and walked around the drive for a while. It isn’t snowed in here so thought I would take the moment to enjoy my new walking shoes (thank you Grandma D) and the cooler weather. Hubby asked me earlier in the a.m., but it took me about 20 minutes to finally get up. When I did, I was glad I did. Motivated me to get in the shower and get moving. However, the couch called my name and I sat for just a moment to long. But then finally got up again. So hopefully I will keep on the walking trend. Not hopefully I plan to. I have to do something.


My little one is on the living room floor with little lego bags all around him. He received the Police Command Center and the Police Station and about 4 other kits. We told him to finish one before he opened the next kit. So he has been working through them and playing with them since Christmas morning. He started it on his own and is still going on his own with minimal help. I am so impressed with him. I will take a picture when it is done. I had to empty off some of his book shelf so he could put the finished pieces up and not have them break. So working on reorganizing and merging in his room. Also, before  bed he read a bunch of his junie b jones book which he received also. He said it was nice to read a book with just words because his imagination was so good. Haha. I found this humorous.


We spent lots of time with family over the last few days, but it is nice to have some down time to hang out. The tree will head out tonight I hope. Our first live one in a while and it made me a little nervous in the house, but I love love the imperfections of it and the smell. When we went to buy it the kiddo was so upset that it wasn’t potted so we could replant it. Finally he calmed down. He was tired and is a very sensitive kid. I think we are past it. Although I may not offer it up for the fire pit. Yikes. Haha.


It is chilly here today, but I hate to complain when so many I know are snowed in or in an airport. I hope everyone is safe and able to stay warm.


I am off to continue with emails and find my camera cord so I can plug it in and get some photos added to the next posts.


Have a wonderful day!


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