Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Day.... & Secret Sale

First .. I posted the Annual Secret Sale in the store. 50% off all my cutter files. You can find more info here. I run this sale annually for those wanting to finish out the new year with a few files or for those who get new machines.  Thank you to those faithful friends who reminded me about it. Your to cute and I appreciate your support.

On to life...

A few pics from Christmas Day. I am not sure I was awake because I didn't get very many pics the first part of the day. So I plan to add the other side of family at the New Year's Eve Party. but here are a few pics...

This is the huge amongo box from the Lego's Police Station I posted the other day. huge box and hours of construction, but happy kiddo

This is my kiddo and niece playing there new DSi. I played with my kiddos the other night. Wow. loved it. I played the braing age game after and was tired. But fantastic. I thought this was a cut upside down pic.

My niece Pea and I. (Pea is her nickname for blog purposes. :)) Anyways. end of the day and she snuggled up next to me to ask me what Santa brought me in my stocking. to cute. and my hubby snapped a picture. In seeing this picture I realized my efforts to eat smaller portions and skip eating those things i really don't care if I eat are working some. So on to this year with continued better habits. In the past I would have never posted a pic like this. now I have added it to the treasure trove of wonderful memories. yeah!

This is Pea's brother. I haven't come up with a name for him yet for the blog.. hmm.. His hair stands up like he is electrified at all times. He is super cute and talked all through the end of Christmas Eve mass cute. And that drink right there is some pomegranite and champagne thing everyone had a little of. I was driver so I didn't partake but it looked super festive in the glass.

This is my Aunt Jill who opened up her home for the holiday dinner. More on her in another post. And yes that is a gold crown. My Mom was born in Liverpool England. Little british tradition in our family of Christmas crackers. Not the kind you eat, but they come with little paper hats of some kind in them. All of our holiday Christmas dinner pics has someone in these hats. It is fun and adds a merriment for sure to be sitting around a table with a ton of folks wearing hat crowns. haha. always fun!

And here we are in our crown. Oops I lost mine by this point. I donated it to a new visitor to our table. haha.

And here are the guys cleaning up still in their crowns. Like I said lots of merriment .. jokes.. giggles and happiness at Christmas dinner. We are definitely not a stuffy bunch.

Well thats my picture show for today. lots more to come.

Chris Durnan, designer at GSD KNK WPC AI SVG files for your personal digital cutters for use with scrapbooking, cardmaking and other hobbies. Whatever your creative mind can come up with!

My files work on many machines. Some of them are: Klik-n-kut, Pazzle, Wishblade, Silhouette, Cricut, Craft Robo. Some of the software involved with these machines are: Funtime, Scrapbooking, WinPC/Signlab, Inkscape, Create & Cut, Illustrator, KNK Studio, Robomaster, DesignMaster and the list goes on..... Enjoy!

And our cutter file "freebies" are kept in the forum. We add to them as we can.

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