Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The holidays are upon us...

Just a rambling note…


Well we are in full swing holiday mode here in this household. Trying to get the list pegged down and finish everything up that is needed. I feel slightly overwhelmed with the items I need to accomplish, but it will get down. We unfortunately will spend a morning this week at a funeral. A friend’s father has died. Every death alters life, but days before Christmas alters that time frame forever.  So we are praying they find some comfort in their memories and the knowledge his life continues on through his grandkids. He will be missed at the family gatherings. My husband has been asked to be a pall bearer, an honor indeed.


So when we get home from the services it will be 100x holiday preparedness. I plan to work my studio into a frenzy creating and finishing and working on all the items I can. I have lots of pieces together, but nothing completed. This seems to be the way for me.


I made white fudge last night. Easiest peasiest recipe I have ever in my life created. White choco chips, sweet and condensed milk and vanilla. Heat it all up together til melted and put it in the fridge to set. Done yum. The best. I think you could add walnuts if you wanted. I found the recipe on the Eagle Brand website HERE. Yum. I love white chocolate. So white fudge is perfecto. When I was looking for the link I realized I messed up and didn’t put enough white choc chips in it. So this means I will have to try it again of course!


I hope to make a gluten free layers bar they have listed on the live gluten freely site. On my list of tomorrow to bakes.


Last night I baked the green pepper, onion, red potato  and Italian sausage. My hubby said again it was delish. I did it to see if he just seemed to be super hungry when I made it last. But he still said he thought it was delish. Such a simple recipe it leaves me puzzled. Go with simple and clean foods. The best taste .. yum yum


(apparently I am in a cooking mood!)


My kiddo made holiday cookies with his cousins yesterday and Grandma. He came home and passed out on the couch. He was exhausted. Which means he had a good time woohoo! Love that.


It is a little breezier here. Yeah maybe it will cool down in time for the holidays. I hope to post pictures from the last few weeks soon. I got a new camera and have been figuring it out. I love it is so teeny. Fits so easily in my pocket.


Well I am off to grab a little more cold medicine and find something to wear tonight for the service.


Hope you are having a wonderful week and my apologies for so long in between posts. Just been working on lots of things.




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