Thursday, October 7, 2010

So so cutey!! Happy Aunt!

Isn't he the cutest. My hubby loves little babies. But we both really love
little babies that are our niece and nephews when they have other parents to
stay up with them all night. Hehe. And here is my crazy kid, his cousin and
our Nan holding the baby. Nan always looks up at the sky like she sees some
bird that has popped into the room. I figured out how to fix that last time
we were all together. I hold the camera to the side and then I talk to Nan
and say look at me and smile.. she looks me in the eyes. And wahla she is
looking at the camera and not some imaginery bird. Thank goodness. :-)
Anyways. Here are a few pictures of the many many we have :-) of course. So
this is just a tidbit to Enjoy! Chris

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jzayler said...

I just love nieces and nephews too! They are even more fun as they get older. You can'payback' a brother or sister for some 'evil' they did when you were younger by spoiling their kids. ha-ha