Monday, October 4, 2010

Marinated Roasted Red Peppers

Well I am addicted. I have started canning. When I can I feel very close to my Grandma that has passed many years ago. We would visit Wisconsin in the summers and spend lots of time with her and my Grandpa. Pulling vegetables from the garden and canning. That distinctive click click of the pressure canner (which I haven't tried yet, but plan to.) is a sound I attribute with my summers. I have an opportunity to get cost effective veggies and fruits through bountiful baskets and plan to use it to the max. So I have 20 lbs of tomatoes waiting for me. I plan to make some salsa and some canned tomatoes with no salt. I am trying hard to can without salt. It is very fulfilling. I will post more pictures as I go. I just did these tonight and they are so pretty I had to share.

For those on my FB page you know, but others ... I pretty much have sprained my ankle. But the positive... The kiddo is on break with me so I don't have to drive to school and walk in. And my crafting hands are free to create. I really have to wonder how my ankles can look chunkier then they normally are. I was in a total state of denial until I took my wrap off and wow who stuffed an apple under my skin on my ankle?? But alas not much can keep me down. So I will ice and rest and keep on chugging.

Have a mahvelous day and evening!!! Life is awesome.

Enjoy! Chris
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