Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Make your Own Banner Grab Bag File

Here is one of the grab bag files I created for the month of October. Those great Happy Birthday Banners etc. I made this one below for a baby shower for a friend. My kiddo wanted to help so he cut the little bee from the walk in the garden cartridge on my Cricut. He loves loves to push those buttons and helped me glue them together. I will be using this file alot personally. I used brads with flowers and hung the bees and flowers with thread. My kiddo cut one of the bees and didn’t want to glue the pieces on again. So he drew the cute smiley bee and he was thrilled to see it up on the decorations in the pictures.  The shower's theme was quite bumbley and super cute! Heidi did an awesome job putting it together. She definitely has style when she plans her parties. And the diaper cake came out super cute. I have never made one of these, but I think these guys are the experts in diaper cakes. Cute cute!




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