Friday, August 8, 2008

Leaking like a sieve? and other ramblings on life

Yeah!! It's almost the weekend. I won't get much scrapbook done, but I will be spending alot of time with the hubby and little one. I am definitely looking forward to it.
Okay if you have joined the QMC you should have been added. If the link above doesn't work, please email me your order number and forum name. There are a few out there that I couldn't get a match with your email address and have tried to get a hold of you, but couldn't. Everything is filed by the order number so please send that with your requests. I met my goal to keep the membership alive. So THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH to everyone who joined! Now lets have fun...
Have you visited my Creative Teams blog. Sussann uploaded an awesome layout using 3 of my files. I like that she took apart one of the files and just used the title. I always hope that users will pull them apart and use the pieces for many things. I, also, have more as well that I will upload later today if I get a chance before Meet your teacher
Challenge - I have a bunch of emails from folks asking when will the next challenge be. I am thinking Sept/Oct. I have to take a break in between to offer the 10 or so files to give away. I offer them in SCUT GSD KNK AI WPC format and you can scrap anything you want with them. So check back closer to then or join my yahoo group and I usually send an email out when I do it. The link is on the side

On to life...
Yesterday was a very long day. I had a docs appt and a ton of errands to run and at the end of it all I was driving and tire went flat. so I pulled into a chevron, filled it with air and sat there and watched it deflate in two minutes. Luckily, the young one was with Grandma so he didn't have to wait with me in the heat. I called my hubby because I can't really bend and twist yet and putting air in it just caused a cramp in my side. So the hubby ran over and changed the tire for me and even took the quickly leaking one to the tire store for me this morning. When I go in to Meet the Teacher this afternoon we will stop and have it put back on my truck. The bummer is I will have kept my track record of being there at least once a month with one of our vehicles. I almost almost had the track record beat. So nice when the Tire Shop guys know you by name when you walk in and say Hey how ya doing Chris? Well something to be said for friendly service and then again not a great saying for my track record.

So I have plans for the weekend and part of them are to keep up my walking every day. I started Mon & Tues with a half mile and Weds with a mile and yesterday I did a mile and a quarter. So hopefuly by next week I will be at two miles and stick to that. I hope to get this in every morning. I got a copy of my reports at the docs of all my Scans and Tests and so now because I have a copy of my CT Scan I know exactly which organs are inflating correctly or not or are showing signs of anything. So guess what... couldn't be more motivating then have it in black and white the possibilities. Could be the best preventative medicine ever. And as for my doc... Well the first thing out of his mouth when he walked into the room was... "You know there were a few things I would have done different" I was like WHAT> HUH> WHAT> I had quick visions of lieing on the operating table again. OH GREAT. So I just smiled sweetly and said... "Oh really" and he smiled and said yeah. "I wish I woulda gotten a clear picture or two of the gaping hole you had in your diaphragm muscle." I just smiled and again and said "that's okay. I can get an idea from these pictures that show all the internal permanent stitches" Wew. He is a great surgeon and calm I like that. I like calm. His other comment as he ripped off all the little steri-strips from my Belly was... "Who the heck poked all these holes in you? You'd leak like a sieve if we pored in water" I think it was a diversionary tactic while he ripped those little suckers off just like I use with my son. The docs Mom must be very proud as I am sure he learned those tactics from her. The wonderful things we give to our children so they can carry them on and use them in life.

Well my son just walked by with a full gallon of milk. I better go look. Have a great weekend and Enjoy!

Chris Durnan, designer
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