Monday, August 11, 2008

Favorite things... First Day of School.. Creative bug..

Well it's that time again. I have started going through the list of people I would like to get gifts for this holiday season. You may think I am crazy because it is August, but Christmas in July theories had to start with crafters. I am searching the web and finding interesting ideas and thoughts that I can apply to my holiday gift giving ideas. If you find any ideas you think are fun and unique send them my way and I will post them here. I like unique ideas and gifts.

This year for the holidays I think I am going to approach my female family members and see if they would like to do a "favorite things" gift bags. Where we can place out gift bags with each of our names on it Christmas Day and when we all get together we can put our favorite things from this year in the bag for the others. Favorite things being a book, cd, lip gloss, recipe, a kitchen tool, anything that they have found is wonderful to have in their lives. I think this would be a fun way to keep the cost of the holidays down and share something of ourselves with the other ladies in the family. We shall see what they think about this. I probably won't approach them until later in august about it or they will think I am nutz. I could be. :-) If you have a favorite thing from this year, post it in my CBOX on the right hand side of my blog, email me or post a comment. I am curious as to what everyone enjoys the most in their life. I know our Cutters our Craft Robos our Silhouettes, but just in general what could you not live without and it doesn't have to be a scrappy thing. Could be anything.

I went to Wally World and purchased a canning set last week and went online and order the blue book of preserving from Ball and I think I am ready for next weekends trip to the Peach Farm and to get veggies. My garden itself could never fit all of these things in. So I can buy them in bulk and preserve them. I am excited and nervous they will be any good. But I thought what a great holiday gift to give as well. Peach Jam with a pretty ribbon on it. Hopefully not to many relatives will be reading this or they will know what their gifts will contain. Oh well hopefully they will forget by December. :0)

I didn't get much crafting time in this weekend. But I did spends lots of time with my family. Got to see my beautiful niece she is getting to be so much fun and my sister. It was nice to hang out and chat. something we find harder to do in person, but with modern technology we can email, text, phone and get in the car to meet up if we need to. My hubby understands the girl talk moments and scidaddled for a bit so we could just chat. My son was so excited his cousin was coming over he started going through his toys mid day and asking will this be to small for her? Will this be okay? etc. it was cute.

Today was my little ones first day of Pre-K. I was so nervous for him. I had dreams all night that I didn't pack his lunch right. I didn't remember to put socks on him with his tennies. I didn't give him a bottle of water with water in it. Weird, but my hubby called and said he got there and took off and was trying to go play with his backpack on before he went into class to put it away. He was very excited. He is in the bigger kids building now for the Pre-K and he reminds me daily how he is bigger now and can do things without my help. So wonderful, but pulls on the heart strings a little. I got some cute pics. I will share them as soon as I get them off the camera.

Okay I have errands to run in town and then I have about 5 files to convert and get moving. I am feeling the creative bug. Woooohooo!!

Thanks for listening to my ramblings.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Chris Durnan, designer
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