Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away.
You would think because I live in the desert I would love the rain and I do at times, but the last few days it has just been Rain Rain. My friend Lori laughs at me because where she lives they don't get Rain. They get torrential downpours. Well thats fine, but this is the desert there are not run offs, rivers etc or it to go into. The city planning of streets don't figure in the 2 inches of rain and therefor the roads get unnavigable and those who try to navigate it can't drive and just pound through and sink their cars in fast running washes (deep dry river beds that fill up quick wen the water hits) And we live on a dirt road. So the roads wash away. Our choice this last one, but still watching someone hit the road in their little nissan sentra when even the big 4 wheel drive trucks won't go through is embarrassing. Watching the sheer panic hit them of what they have done and how their car is now floating to the edge of the road and creating more of a water issue and then they end up sitting on top of the car until A) it goes down or B) they do a swift water rescue. Which under the "stupid motorist law" the driver will get billed for. Okay thats my rampage for today. ha.

And I must be in a mood because I could think of another... I went to get a pedicure today and it was so nice. I went to a different salon. I decided that since my previous Salon... Savvy Salon and Day Spa in Tucson, arizona only honors their gift certificates for 6 months and not the normal year that most others do in the area. I don't need to go there anymore. Plus listening to the nail techs yammer on about their kids getting arrested blah blah is just to much. So I tried Gadabout. I paid ten dollars more then at Savvy and I felt awesome when I left. The people behind the counter talked to me. The hairdressers smiled at me as I walked out. The nail tech gave me some water to drink during my pedicure, offered me magazines and kept checking to make sure Iwas okay. It was phenomenal. I will be going back to her and referring others to her as well. I was the hold out in the family for Savvy and our friends and thinking there service was good and then decided. Nope I am done. So gadabout here I come. I need to get my hair redone so I will be chatting them up and finding a hair stylist as well. So kudos to Bobbi at Gadabout! She made my day.

This past weekend was Karate.. my sons first foray into the Karate world and the teachers first session for the next 6 weeks. The Instructor explains to them what he wants them to do for an obstacle course. And I watch the little kids as they stand in their ready pose. Hands up, back foot lifted on its toes and front foot slightly forward. Some of them are swaying. Some have given up the pose. By my little trooper is standing at the ready. He is serious about this and wants to continue coming. he knows Mom said if you don't stay serious during class then guess what you won't go anymore. So he is standing as still as possible and finally he has had it. He raises his hand says in a clear voice.... " My legs are getting tired because I am standing like this SIR".. The parents all start to giggle and I just smile. That's my kid. :0) I think he might be the instructors new challenge. oh well as always. love my life


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