Friday, January 3, 2014

Chicken Lesson of the day!

My hubby is working away on a brick entrance to the tack room. So the water stops building up and mudding there. It's right outside my studio window. He used brick glue to get the edging to hold before he concreted.. Serious stuff and my ridiculous chicken decide to eat it. So I grabbed her and stuck my finger in her beak. Doesn't hurt really, but she was nottt happy.  Then proceeded to have Greg dig the rest out from between with a stick. Meanwhile with all the excitement she peed down my leg. Yeah exciting around here. Wew. Lesson of the day. Never stick your finger in a chickens beak while holding it. It will get back at you. yick!

Love my life... even with the crazy chickens.

The Chickens for Sale sign was posted a few months ago. I took the photo and sent it to the hubby. I love crazy chickens. :) they come in all sizes and colors. Fun!

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Marlene said...

Hahaha!!! Sorry but that is funny! We were putting carpet on our front porch in ID - picture carpet glue and a kitten! At least the chicken didn't have four paws of glue with grass stuck to them running into your house! :) Life with ever!