Thursday, January 9, 2014

Camo Reading Pillows for the nieces and nephews

In an effort to have a homemade Christmas, I searched and searched pinterest. I came across a few pillows for gifts. All had different elements. Here is mine.

The Traveling Reading Pillow with a flashlight. 

I purchased the pillow forms on sale at Joann's woohooo! The 12x12 was 2.00 a piece. so happy I walked in. I bought 8 of them. Made a test run for my son D and then 5 more for my nieces and nephews and all in varying colors of camo. Then I made 2 more for my other nieces (pictures to come). 

I took the opportunity to purchase books from Scholastics for my son's teacher. I purchased in November. I put a remind in my calendar for October of next year to purchase more books. You can't beat the price and it always helps the teachers stash of books in the classroom. Win Win.

My pillow actually has a flap folded up underneath on the bottom into the back. So my Sister and Sister-in-law can take them off and wash them. The camo pillows all went to ages 6 and under. So I knew traveling in the car or camping would end up with some dirty pillows. 

They all have handles and I went to the dollar store for lights and found carabiner flashlights attached to the handle on top.  The lady at the dollar store looked at me like I was crazy when I wiped out all 9 flashlights they had. I didn't want to end up with a broken one and they were the perfect size! So I grabbed them all. 

When they were opened almost all of my nieces and nephews sat down and started reading right away. Hopefully this will be a useful gift and homemade. yeah! 

And recently I was told another Digi Camo Pillow was needed for my BIL. Perfect for camping evenings. Love it!


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