Friday, December 13, 2013

So Proud - Webelos Mom

Had to share. My son earned his Webelos patch this last week. Just awesome. He is working really hard on badges and wants to earn as many as possible before arrow of light. He saw a chart of who had earned what displayed at a pack meeting. He stood there and counted what he needed to earn next. Wears me out, but I will do whatever I can to give him the supplies and support to complete his goals.

In order to earn his Webelos Badge, he did a project for the community.
his choice was to collect shoes for a local organization that hands them out during Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless and low income. His goal was 20 shoes and with the help of friends, family and his Cub Scout Pack he collected 170 to give.  Just proud.

Below is a picture of him with all his shoes.

They had an arrow of light crossover ceremony also at our meeting. He watched the presentation with enthrallment. He has seen before and it always grabs his attention. I really believe he will ask to be a part of the presenters when he moves onto Boy Scouts if there is an opening.

Love my Life. Here are some additional photos below.

D on the left. and Arrow of Light ceremony. 
All the shoes below. 

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