Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A wreath to bring in some holiday cheer.

I created this for my Nan today with supplies in my craft room. Wow. I need to clean out some supplies. I just kept looking and finding things. I did some close up shots to play with my cameras settings. So you will see little glue wispys. Those wispys will be pulled off by my kiddo on the way to Nan's house.

She is in some need Holiday Cheer in her new place. So we are going to head out and decorate for her. My Sister and her children, My Mom and her children, and I and D. Hoping it will be alot of fun and puts a smile on her face.

If not, we shall chat about how it is just as easy to smile as it is to frown. We had this discussion a few times before, my Nan and I. She gave me the chat when I was little and visiting and now I return the favor.

I never was good at  a bow. I really envisioned a big gold bow. Wonder if my Mom could put one together. I need some kinda bow maker doohickey. And I am definitely not a wreath artist like my friend Sarina. She will knock some wreaths out. In fact she has some of my wreaths from my craft room because I needed space. They sat for years and she gave them some life. Love it!!!

Here's to happy smiles and some closeup pics. You can see me in some of the reflections. ha!


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