Thursday, July 11, 2013

Project - Loft Bed Done.

Projects completed! My son's loft bed. My son has been going through this phase of wanting a desk, needing more room and getting rid of lots of younger toys. So Dad went to work on making his bed into a loft bed. Just awesome. That wall in the back there that is camoflauge-ish was my contribution to the project and I painted the side panels the light green. All the wood used was leftovers from other projects. 
yeah! I love that when we can use pieces we have here to create something. 

To this project I lost my bedside lamp, my fan because it could be screwed to the wall on the top, and the ladder from the RV (which is a wiring harness rack for a server - computer stuff. another awesome upcycle)

So all in all. Awesome project leading into the school year. Cleaning space. making better use of  space. and happy smiles all over. Enjoy!

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