Monday, July 22, 2013

Memories of Nuns & Books

I found this old post never got published. so posting it. It must have been from last year some time.
It is more of a journaling post for me. :-)

We are working away on Wolf scout electives and one was to cover a book. My son thought this a little bizarre. I had to tell him about Mom's "back in the day" story. I said yes we used to have to wrap all of our books. If we didn't, we were in serious trouble with the Nuns. (Yes I attended catholic school in elementary. Lots of stories there. Haha. Hey now..... Stopping saying that explains alot!!!! Back to the book story.) My son is pondering I can tell as we pick the appropriate book to cover for the elective. He finds one and says. What kinda books read that you had to cover? I said.. well they were school books. We took them home every day and did homework and worked.on them during the day..  Like a book for history, one for math, one for.... He interrupts.. "what you had your own book and you took them home and had to bring them back every day???? " I had to ponder this. My son goes to a school district that really appears to not have text books. I know there are probably some in classes. I wonder if the amount of copies we get home wouldnt it be better spent on a workbook that is my sons where when assessment tests come up we could look back through it.  Maybe when he gets into a higher grade there will be textbooks again. It just lead me to ponder the difference in schooling over time. And while we chatted we finished covering the book for his wolf elective and marked it off in his book for Scouts. "Tight corners" and getting to redecorate the book was always fun. Not getting in trouble with the Nuns was a good thing to. And turning in the book at the end of the year to get new textbooks the next. I noticed today that his book went to school with our brown paper bag cover. He hadnt taken it off. And had decorated it with his own drawings. Kinda cool. Have a wonderful day! Enjoy! Chris

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