Friday, December 21, 2012

The " Experience" Gift.... thoughts?

We are winding down the month of December. It is a crazy month for our family. Crazy Fun! We take a trip to the National Finals Rodeo in Vegas. My Dad comes to visit from Wisconsin. My Hubby's Birthday. Let's not forget Christmas. Sometimes I find the Christmas part quite overwhelming. I try to be in the spirit. But it just wraps me up in this parcel of crazy. I have been watching those things that folks do to volunteer at this time of year. Next year I am going to look at some of these things and see what we can do in the spirit of "giving" as well as receiving. We have so much in life. But this list I saw on How Does She really appealed to me. A list of items one can give that are not permanent toys in the room. It is the "experience" type gift. I like this idea greatly.

This is the article I am talking about. 10 Fun Non-Toy Gift Ideas.

We are getting my son a gaming system. My son loves his own choice. So much that if he aces the week he gets Friday Freebie. 3-4 hours after school on Friday where he can just "HAVE AT IT" play any games, watch tv. do what he wants. Surprisingly he has just come home and read a new book. (I might happen to purchase these books close to freebie friday, but I cannot confirm or deny this action. haha.) So one of my gifts this year will be that "redbox" choice. They are little rental passes from Redbox. I have included the pdf here for you to download. Good for a year and will go great with his name "game" system Santa may drop off which I, also, cannot confirm or deny.

**Disclaimer.. I am not related to redbox and/or affiliated with redbox. This is not a coupon for redemption with them, but a printable for your to gift to a family member and pay for their redbox "wishes". thought I better say that.

However, if I were to make a list of more local things for the "experience gift" I would do some of the following and I still may... have to chat with the hubby.

1) A trip to the Planetarium for the day
2) A trip to the Lego Store in Phoenix
3) A pass for Gym lessons. (After the Olympics he subtly mentions the parallel bar competition.)
4) A family pass for Pima Air Space (my son could go here every year)
5)  A trip to Tombstone or Old Tucson (on his list of desires)
6) a trip to play in the snow (desert kids have to put this on their wishlists every year)
7) Movie passes
8) ....

Have any extra thoughts or ideas? I could go on and on, but my cutter is calling my name. :) Need to get some test cuts done... But I'd love to hear your ideas.


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