Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stable Few Signs

I made these project from one of the QMC files. 

I cut 4in x 7ft x 1in wood down into a few almost 2 foot pieces. Sprayed and let them sit for a week to remove the fumes before putting on vinyl. I actually used blue painters tape for the application of the vinyl on these. Then I seal coated with the Modge Podge Matte Clear Acrylic Spray.

My transfer tape is super sticky. It drives me nutz. What do you use? I can make it stick to my shirt and make it less sticky. just annoying. Unfortunately I have so much roll left who knows how long before I go through it. So I shall keep "de-linting" my shirts with it before I use it. :-) Always a positive outcome. less lint. woohoo!!

I have two more qmc files to load. when the last one is loaded I will take it out of the store. you can still join here if you would like this file and the others included.



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Ileana said...

Awesome signs! I want one. Great job, Chris.