Thursday, December 27, 2012

Goal 1: pressure cooker

As is my norm about this time I start talking about goals. I am not hard and fast to the word “resolution”. And I also set goals that are slightly smaller then some might think are worth setting.

It also helps if I put them out there so here is the first one.


Goal 1: Use my pressure cooker. I have one here and for some reason it scares me. I am worried about what it will do, not do, function. The pressure cooker for me is something I remember listening to at my Grandma’s house as it slowly “tick tick ticked” while it was cooking some piece of meat and/or vegetables. I also want to get over my fear of it because I want to can some vegetables this year and/or meat. I start this out today. I have pulled out the pressure cooker and a roast to thaw and hopefully tonight will be my first use of the pressure cooker. Of which I have TWO. I picked one up at a yard sale and need to replace the gasket on it. The lady was definitely a canner because I also got a ton of jars. So hopefully this will come to fruition pretty quickly so I can write it off my list. I come from a family of awesome cooks. My mom and I were just talking about how she prefers to not cook the same meal at the Christmas dinner and mixes it up regularly. I kinda am the same way. This is hard for my traditionalist hubby, but I don’t cook all the time either so it works. J


So Goal #1. Use my pressure cooker more up to and including canning in it.

Any tips? Thoughts? Recipes?






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