Friday, August 24, 2012

Rambling thoughts of creatitivity....

I saw this image on the "Science Alert" page for facebook. They had shared it from this page.

This is the description of what it is... and the creator. Thank you to M. Hausser for such inspiration. 

Computer simulated pyramidal cells in the hippocampus. These cells are thought to be involved in spatial memory and other cognitive functions. Image: M. Hausser/ UCL/ Wellcome Images.

And of course... I had no idea this was cells in the hippocampus. I found the whole thing very interesting althought I couldn't wrap my mind it all. But then as my mind rambles....

I began to look at it and think. wow... it looks like those color drawings where you color the page and then color black over it and then scratch it out. And wow the strands look like fibers for scrapbooking or crocheting yarn and then the colors. wow. such awesome color combinations. This is a swatch I came up with.

But it isn't even close to what I wanted it to be for this color combination. 

So that is my rambling mind on a Friday morning. Before I head to volunteer at the school. Wow. My brain loves to craft and now I know what the cells of a hippocampus are. wooohoo!! I can wow my son with my knowledge and I place mark the page here on my blog because he will tell me I made it all up without proof. And his budding 8 year old Science mind needs proof of everything and detailed information.  haha. love him! Our goal as parents has always been to answer every Why with something. My husband is the "best" at this and if he can't come up with the actual "Why" it's research time. Love that man!

Have a wonderful day everyone! and weekend! Enjoy!

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