Thursday, August 30, 2012

How Small can you go??

The Question is when cutting a monogram for a tile... how small can you go!! 2x2 from 10x10 not to bad. Some easy cutting for great holiday gifts. ..   I had to do the "Quarter Shot" Everyone does the quarter shot. haha. My son said I was weird.  Why would you take a photo of a quarter on top of a cut?  I love how I make his eyes roll.


If you scroll down you can see the cut on a tile in big size.


How small have you cut a big impossible looking file?




Raven said...

Beautiful quarter shot...the monogram is great.

Four11Lady said...

Love it................Monogram!!

kathy serrahn said...

great monogram

TonyaKaye said...

Great monogram. I like the fact that you can go so small with it. Lots of ideas floating here ....

Chris Durnan said...

Comments closeddddd.
I am putting together all the entries to draw a winner.