Thursday, August 9, 2012

H & H Sign Supply $5.00 ship friday

Oh my.... H & H Sign Supply posted that tomorrow this friday the 10th, they would be having a $5.00 ship friday. so order away and ship for $5.00 yeah. this means I must finetune what I "need". 

***I am going to find some links of my regular buys and post here. What do you usually get?? ****

Here is what they posted... 
$5 Shipping for online orders this Friday! August 10, 2012. 

You must click the "other shipping options" tab and select "5 Dollar Friday" as your shipping option. No refunds if you don't click on this option.

H & H Sign Supply reserves the right to choose the shipping carrier when choosing this option.

Some restrictions apply. See our Policies, Terms and Conditions for details.

Here are some of my favorite products from there... 

Siser Easy Weed Heat Transfer I used on Tshirts last may. I am almost out. 

And I use Rapid Tac II to clean a surface before sticking. 

Well just GO have fun...  Shipping on my last order woulda been 12.11. so it will be nice to fill the cart and not have to keep checking back. Don't forget to check the other tab and it is only friday the 10th. 


PS yes these are affiliate links. I am always right up front. I work affiliate links to come up with prizes for the October Party we have every year and for prizes and gifts. Even if you'd rather not support our party. tis a-ok. It is still a good deal. And I have used the products mentioned above and they are awesome. That is my disclaimer. enjoy!

This one I have not tried but would like to. The "Graduated Vinyl Offcuts". Sounds cheap enough to play and a great selection of colors. 

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