Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Last Day for that super cute Bicycle Ride file

So if you want to get that extra file for the Grab Bag today is the last day to download it with your grab bag purchase.

Lori, Ileana and I decided to come together for a Grab Bag this month which has three files each and then a bonus file for those who purchase in the first week. These files are all ready for spring and summer and lots of family activity! Here is the link to get it before the Bicycle Ride file disappears. 


I wanted to show you the files I created for the grab bag. I have used the card ones twice already. Easy to cut and mat and add a sentiment. Love it. 


Also, my son said he is ready for the squirtguns to come out. We have a huge squirtgun fight at the Scout camp in May. So fun the kids so look forward to it. I personally put my squirtguns in the cooler with the food. Cruel I know. I made this Grandma's squirtgun file because my Grandma was known for bringing out a huge tray of ice she made for months to liven up the party. The ice was mass chaos. And at times she was known to man the hose. You could also use the hose piece for a garden layout. So much fun. And the ones would be great adds as well to a gardening project with paper. . 

It's only $7.00 and filled up with lots of fun!

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