Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Adding some bling

Went to the Rodeo in February. My hubby took me shopping a few days before. I know he woulda bought me the "bling" jeans but I couldn't wrap my head around the cost. So I got a pair of "non bling"  jeans
at a fraction of the cost and went home and added my own bling. This is the first pass. I plan to wash them and see how they hold on. If all is good I will add a cross to the pocket or some swirls to the other pair. Love.love to be able to do my own thing when it comes to crafting. For this I used Jolie heat set crystals and the blue heat tool.  I bought them at Michaels a while ago super cheap. I cant help but snag a bag of those little fancy crystals whenever I can to add to hats and bags and other items. Have even used them on a glass vase for my MIL filled with seashells. Love it! Hope you are having an awesome day!!!

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