Friday, February 24, 2012

Scouts - catapult/recipe card holder

Well we started out with good intentions. We were gonna make the recipe card holders in the back of the Scout Wolf Den handbook. After watching my den members stare at me totally puzzled and one even said with a scrunched up face... "What's a recipe card holder?" I paused after the question and said you know what....let's do catapults instead. So they all smiled and nodded in happy agreement. A catapult they could understand. So we took the basic plans for the recipe card holder, but instead flipped over the clothespin and gorilla glued a craft/wide popsicle stick to it and a sobe bottle cap which I put a little blue dot in to cover up the saying inside. Made awesome catapults and we used them on the table for Blue and Gold to show what our den was up to. So much fun!!! And happy boys... And I didnt have to explain what a recipe card holder was :) .
This idea incorporated some plans from the Disney family fun website and also the recipe card holder from the wolf scout book.
Enjoy! Chris

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