Monday, February 20, 2012

rambling post...

Yep. It’s been a bit of a nutzy few weeks. Ups, Downs, lows, highs, curveballs… But most of all lots of time with my son and hubby. So just fantastic.


I have been thinking about our food and trying to reinvent as always and get away from the processed. So I have been reading a lot about raw veggie recipes. I read a huge article about raw vegetables and our needs for them and how some cannot even remember when they ate raw veggies last. So I kept mental note of raw veggies I have eaten. Bountiful Baskets has heirloom tomatoes. I am addicted to tomatoes love them. So gonna have to order some of these.


Also, thinking about my next qmc file. I have a few in the works. Which to pick as next?


And the rodeo is here in town. I love the rodeo. Next weekend should be fun but lots of busy!


And the den leader roll for Scouts is fun fun and busy busy. Tomorrow I will post some of the room decorations from our Blue and Gold. The Wolf Den was in charge so we had lots of fun creating lots of projects!


Have a wonderful Monday!



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