Thursday, February 23, 2012

Lego Robotics Display

Those visiting my blog know that I am a Lego Robotics assistant coach. That means I am the paper pusher. My Son's school district has a day at the fairgrounds where each school and its clubs etc show off their pride with a display. This is our Lego Robotics display. Yes that is our Lego Man Pinata from my sons birthday. The Robotic kids projects boards and their lego setups. The Lego bricks under the Pinata Man were made by my friend Lora. Fantastic! It was a bright busy and fun display and drew lots of attention. It was awesome to work on it with such a great group of people.

Below is my Son's project for his team. and there is my Lego guy cut file. Some of the cuts were taken from last years project and some were new from the Coach's cutting machine. All in all came together and was a fantastic day!

I am proud  of my son so just had to share!


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