Monday, June 27, 2011

Second batch from the fakery bakery

Okay so last night I thought I would try another batch before the can went bad. It wouldn't rise. And the consistancy of the foamy stuff when spraying wasn't the same as when first opened. This is good to know. And this batch sat out in the heat and turned yellow whereas the firstbatch are all still white. This leads me to believe I will need to paint the white batch just in case it turns yellow. I would hate to have the perfect frosting job and have the fakery cupcake turn yellow.

Please note where it says use gloves!!! Use gloves. Yeesh that stuff is sticky. Just my experienced word of advise.
And you may ask why is this taking me so many days? Well I am having to do it in between life, files and the great heat. :) but it's fun to do something at my own pace.

Now I have to figure out what kind of light spackle for the wilton cake tips. I bought the cheap box with the coupon to try. Any input on spackle. I have to mix in paint coloring. This is gonna be a gloppPy mess. :)

Hope your having a great day!
Enjoy! Chris
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