Friday, June 24, 2011

hmmm... how much was that?

Always interesting…

Yesterday I called on a truck part for my hubby. I didn’t realize hubby and I had a same place on our list. We both called the same place talked to two different guys.

Me “the girl” got quoted 355.00

He “the boy” got quoted 250.00

And when he said I saw it on your site for 230.00 the guy said.  Oh yeah. I can do that. Hmmm.


I do believe I will not be calling on parts any longer for the truck.  The difference was just to huge to be a “new guy” scenario.



So that means truck work this weekend. Early in the a.m. preferably before it is over 100. Sounds like fun. I am not a whole lot of help. But I am good at sitting beside the truck and rambling and chatting about things that don’t really matter while the hubby does all the work. Sometimes my hands are smaller and a better fit into where a part needs to go. Oh and I am  good at getting tools. I need to make a tshirt that says “the tool girl” haha.  Another time when we were dating my hubby and I had spent the day working on a truck in the parking lot of a home depot. A cable had gone out. My hands were the only ones small enough to fit up under the engine from the ground. So I am laying  there working under it next to my boyfriend at the time. When all done, we stopped by his Mom’s on the way to. My hubby says. “You’re all dirty.” And grinned. I laughed back and said. “well so are you” He laughed and said  “Yeah but you’re a dirty chic.” And we both laughed. I think it was over a 100 that day and the heat had gotten to us.  Something tells me “the dirty chic girl” would not be taken the same as a tshirt that says “the tool girl”. Haha. What a great memory.


But on Saturday  I have the last half of the day to craft! Yeah so excited. I have a ton of QMC files I need to do last cuts on. This is awesome. It has been hard working with the kiddo home because he wants attention. Which I can totally understand.  Well I am off to finish up somethings so I can take that day to cut and load files.


Have a wonderful day!



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