Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome to Monday!!

The last week of Spring Break and this morning my son says… “ I had a dream about school.. I miss school.” I had to smile. He said this from bed buried under his blankets and blankets. And it was 9 a.m. he would have been very late for school, but he went to bed late. Thursday we are getting back to our schedule for now I am glad to be a little more relaxed. Last week we didn’t spend a lot of time doing fun spring break things, but this week should be better. We have plans to visit the news station with scouts, skating, visit Aunt Nannees and see her new camper, and go to a friends house, and Scout A Rama. Somewhere in there I will fit in some work.  So it should be a great week before going back to school.


I hope you had a great weekend! We celebrated St. Patty’s Day at my “in-love’s” house. I could not be more blessed with such a great set of parents from my hubby.  It was a ton of fun with lots of family there and things to play and do. My hubby missed his St. pat’s day songs. O-Danny-Boy and the like, but he dealt. No one else wanted to sing. J My kiddo would have. We listened to his Karaoke machine off and on all weekend. On Saturday, my kiddo took first place in the Raingutter Regatta for Scouts. Raingutters sealed at the ends and filled with water. The boys ran two at a time against eachother blowing them with or without straws down their raingutter to a win! Very cute and very fun. Then there was a birthday party for a friend’s son. My kiddo had so much fun and he got to decorate a soda bottle for a rocket that works with a combination of air from a bicycle pump and water. I was elated to see this. Yeah! We are doing this next month for Scouts for Rocket Derby. All I could think was “cha-ching” mark that off my to-do list for April yeahooo!! Nice to have something done before the month even begins.


I did a lot of sketching and noting this weekend for my final files for the QMC. This made me happy. I felt a little stumped, but think I have the last few set and plans of what to do. Now to get them all up. Yeah!


Well I wanted to welcome you to another week!! I hope it is a wonderful one and you find lots of time to craft and create!


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