Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stickles wall

This is my Stickles wall. A few people emailed me and asked how I store
mine. This way the air bubbles are out and they are ready to go. I am
addicted to pegboard. This tool holder holds the little ones perfectly! I
think for the tools you are supposed to hang them in the other slots but the
wider are perfect for the stickles. On one of them I had to spread it to
hold a bottle.

I had a few emails asking where I got them and some of the colors. I asked
for them for Christmas from abc distributing. They had 8 I think for $8.00.
My mahvelous Mother in Law got them for me. So they are so much fun to play
with. And my kiddo has been adding to the decorated heart. When he is done
filling it in with all the stickle I am gonna hang it on the wall above the
stickle wall for show. Haha. Anyways I went to check abc and they had 8 for
6.00 right now. ( I am an abc distributing junky!)

I am working on QMC files and have been uploading them. By today I should
have 20 up and then the last "icing on the cake".

So that's my update from me for now!
Have a wonderful day

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