Thursday, March 3, 2011

Rambling Thursday.

So I have been working on my couponing and shopping. Last night my kiddo had “church” class as he calls it.  And so I ran my errands and picked him up and hit the grocery store near the church. Which isn’t near me. They had some great promos for meat.  So my goal has been to only use coupons for things we’ll eat unless I am giving it to the foodbank. We are on a non-processed kick. So the more simple the food the better. And yum the better it taste. Other then cereal. We are trying to avoid boxes and cans. Or only use the items I have canned. By doing this we are feeling sooo much better. I normally live this because of my gluten free but we are pushing the limits more. So on Weds the sales ads come out for the grocery store and this is “church” class day. So I can take the time to peruse them and hit the best deals while the kiddo is having fun.


I was super happy with my trip last night.


*3 family packages of steaks about 4 steaks in each. (promo buy 1 get 2 free)

*1lb of steelhead trout

*1 package of big shrimp (for D)

*2 snacksize tollhouse cookie choco chip mix – for my little D to make while on school break for his cooking belt loop for scouts

*24 bottles Flat of Arrowhead water – for the bday party

*4 boxes of cereal

*1 box of frozen pops real fruit by dole (to keep the fish cold on the way home) – impulse and waste of money purchase. But we’ll eat them.

*2 cans of frozen fruit juice (to keep the steaks cold on the way home)- these were a $1.00 a can. I am trying to find a replacement for my simply raspberry lemonade which is so pricey. This was yum. I made some up when we got home.

*1 water to go

*1 nestle pink milk to go – (I miss watching Charlie and Lola and her “pink milk”)

*2 Milks


Total $114

After coupons discounts bonuses promos etc





Fish was a big expense on the total but I was craving it. And I figured we would cook it that night. I don’t buy fish unless we are eating it that day. It goes bad to quickly on the drive home. My hubby cooked it up expertly. And my kiddo wanted the fresh shrimp. So he got half a dozen of the big shrimp variety that were GRAY! He was totally engrossed with the fact they were gray and would turn pink. I think he wished he could see it in the tinfoil.  They smelled so good I wished I had bought a few extra. But he chowed them down and decided that he may not like Broccoli cooked. However, Broccoli raw with ranch dressing is acceptable and much like being a giant eating mini trees. Haha.


and you won’t see any veggies here because I ordered from bountiful baskets again this week. We seem to be going through it every week now instead of every other. I need to finish up the extras we have left before Saturday and go pick up another basket. We got some extras this time. An Asian Pack (I have never used most of these ingredients. So should be interesting) and the 27 lbs of green beans. So I will be canning on Sunday. The rest of the Strawberries we have in containers and the green beans sliced for the freezer or canned.


Monday is the deadline for mailing in submissions to the Fair. I am considering entering one of my canned goods. But nervous about it too. D is going to enter his art projects from school. The art teacher is going to coordinate it for him. Yeah! So I need to send in his form to her as well. The Fair should be fun this year and my little one will get a participation ribbon. He is very excited about that.


Well I was so happy about my purchases last night that I had to post it. I am getting better about the coupons and even doing better about only buying what we need and not because it is cheap.


Well that’s my rant and ramble for today… Oh and my hubby bought me some new pants and shirts yesterday on the way home. HE IS THE BEST!!! Love him. I hate to clothes shop and he keeps buying me the next pant size smaller. Which I would be afraid to do just in case. But he does yeah! Love it! Anyways I modeled his purchases this morning before he went to work.  They all fit. YEAH! He is the best.


I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!!! I am off to work on my next QMC files.




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