Thursday, November 18, 2010

My Nala

Recently I have had a few people ask me how my Nala is. Old roommates and their boyfriends or boyfriends of old rommates will ask me how my Nala is doing. She has this endearing way of working her way into people's hearts.

She is still kicking it. She is furry as ever and rules the house. She can't hear anything so she has decided to ignore us is the best way in her old age. I think we figured she is about 16 or 17 and she has traveled in planes, cars and boats in her day. She won't let me trim her hair for long without having a seizure. So I just cut the mattes out as I can and let her live as she needs to.

She is the only one of our four legged family who has full rule of the house at all times and she knows it. If you let anyone in she looks at you with disgust and walks away. She looks like she is resting on a bed in this picture. My Dad recently left and I need to put the mattress away that he slept on. As long as it was there she has decided it makes a perfect full size bed for her. Ha! Another thing about Nala. you do not leave anything clothes, towels, blankets on the floor or she will decide they are hers and she will organize them how she wants to sleep on.

Recently she has decided to be a little more peppy here and there so it is good to see her decide to wake up instead of sleep all day. I love her dearly and she has been with me through soooo many things. I have had her with me from the pound since she was 6 weeks old. She was dropped if in a brown paper bag in the middle of the night with a litter of siblings. She was the runt of the litter and the teeniest thing as they all climbed on eachother in the kennel.  She has a little no symbol tattoo on her belly from the pound when she waas fixed. Only dog I have ever seen with this little tattoo, but I don't look at to many bellys of dogs. (Accept that border collie outside who can't seem to flop down in front of you for a belly scratch. It's like a toll bridge every time you walk out the door. You must scratch before you pass.  )

Nala has dealt with other younger pups coming along, but she has never had to guess her place. no matter the deal I would have found a place for her with us. I worry she might lose her sight. We can deal with the hearing, but the sight will be alot more difficult where we live. But she does have her sense of smell. She smells food and she comes a running. If you drop a pinch, you need to tap the floor with your toe so she can feel the vibration.

When I lived alone, she spent lots of time watching tv with me, going to the park, listening to my secrets and trials of life when I was younger and needed an unjudging ear. She has enjoyed much love from roommates and friends and family.

Love her dearly I do. She silently habitates our home and helps my son to realize the tenderness you must have with an older animal. And the understanding as well. Because as soon as you walk through the door and she sees you.... you know she missed you and still loves you...

That is My Nala.


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