Monday, November 1, 2010


So because I cannnnnot find the picture of me in a Cyndi Lauper outfit from High school for our Virtual Halloween Costume Contest in the Forum. Here I am as a CSI team member with my policeman son.
Still looking through old pictures tho'. I will be posting it. I have decided I need to scan these pics in as well. So I am sure I will be posting more.

This is my kiddo a couple years ago. Another Halloween we missed because he had bronchitis.

And this is this year. Thank you to my friend Lori! She is the bomb. I asked her for a shirt that was in the "correct attire" for an army guy and my son got a care package filled with a little boys heart delight. Embroidered with his name on many of the pieces. With a treat bag and everything. He was super happy. This picture above is from after trick or treating .. hence the bug eyes...
Okay and Cutey Kitty is so adorable. She is fun to chat with after school and I know she watches out for my kiddo at school. She always has something new to report. My son said "she is gonna be a great mom" one time when she was at our house and had just gone home. Cute!
 and Happy Baby (as you may remember from our lake trip)

And this is our very good friend Heidi and her kiddos. super Cuteys!

And this is... well happy baby.. he grinned the whole night and when the treaters came to the door. He would say HI! and they would say Hi back and he would sign language please and point at their goodie bags. haha. I don't think it worked with the treaters, but it did with his Grandpa. Sneaking treats all night. cute cute.

I didn't get a picture of Happy Baby's brother. he is very hard to track down. So fun to chat with (he usually tells me right off the bat... I haven't seen you in a longgggg time and gives me the look of.. You should do something about that) , but hard to get standing still. haha
And this is Heidi with a new family addition. There were quite a few babies being passed around. Heidi and I found this humorous with the hand over the face.
Our Mario! checking out his loot.

And this is my son. We liked his shadow. My kiddo is growing up quick. this year I said I wasn't buying a costume and I didn't and he was happier then ever with his outfit. Thank you again Lori and Andrew!!

That's it for now... Enjoy!

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