Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Moosh Alert. Happy Anniversary to my hubby

It’s my anniversary today. So this is a post of moosh and love for my hubby and our life. Also, I post all this moosh and love so when I print my blog out our lives and the big parts of it are chronicled for my kiddo if he should want them in the future.


I hope you have  a mahvelous moosh day J



I woke up 9 years ago today to my future hubby saying.” Just think… in 8 hours from now we’ll be married and you will be my wife.” He gave me that dazzling smile and a kiss. That’s right we woke up in the same house the morning of our wedding. Superstition believers and many well wishers said shame shame, but we did it anyway. We have been doing it our way from the start. Figuring out if and then how we fit together in life. We learned a lot of lessons along the way and they have held us together.


I was asked yesterday by a friend what is the one thing that holds us together the most… and I said Trust. I trust implicity in us, my hubby, our friendship, our faith, our beliefs. It all comes together in one package and no matter the ups downs or curveballs sent our way. I trust that together we can figure out and if I trust in that it will be the us that triumphs. I never am given reason to question it tho’ and we both work at it. Every day work. And it really isn’t work. I never assume he knows I love him.  Who is gonna show him for me. No one so it is just me to take on the task and I love it. Recently, hubby and I stopped for a moment outside the truck while kiddo was getting in and my hubby held for a moment or two longer then normal and gave me a big kiss and smiled down at me. His eyes just sparkle when I look up at him and we hear…. “OH MOOSH.. wow… Come on…. You guys… “ and then just giggles. Our 6 year old loves to harass us. One time he caught us dancing to the sound of the dishwasher in the kitchen and  we hear “Hey… I like you guys when you do that stuff”. Stuff as my son calls it. Stuff works for us.


I am really lucky to have found such a man that returns “the stuff” so freely as I give it. That pauses for a moment with me when someone who is 6 is late for a date with the toy section in Walmart. We love to laugh together and it just makes the world and it’s craziness so liveable.  Our little man has become the part of “us” as well. But we still take those stolen moments for the two of us when life is soooo busy.


I love my hubby and he is a big reason why I just Love my Life.


Happy Anniversary to my hubby. I look forward to the rest of our mornings as we live  it our way.







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