Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Tingles... or Goosebumps..

.. From the forum…
“Hi, my name is Sharon and I just came across the store a couple of days ago and spent quite a bit of time in there admiring all the talent and designs of the designers. I ended up buying 4 files and have about another 768 in my wish list...LOL.
Afterwards, I was very delighted and extremely pleased when, not only did I get a welcome email from Chris, but also an email from each of the persons I bought files from. One designer even went out of her way to assist me with a file (me being somewhat new to cutting files, she walked me through the process). It is very refreshing to see that sort of "customer service" from anyone, let alone the internet where things seem more impersonal anyway.
So just wanted to thank you, Chris, Kristal and Lisa, for already being so wonderful and welcoming. VDBC has a customer for life!!! And I can't wait to get into some more files and start creating thanks to all you designers' talents and inspiration. And even though I am more a lurker than a poster, I look forward to some great relationships here.”

The above was posted by Sharon in the forum the other day. Just gave me the happy tingles!. It made me pause and refocused my thought that everyone at our site should be involved in quality digital files for crafting. The need for all the designers to participate in the store is so important. Who better knows the designs then the designer who took the time to test cut it and work with it.  There isn’t a better person to answer any questions and build those relationships. Thank you to Sharon for taking the time to visit our store and also post in the forum about your experience! It really made my day and the “more” teams to see such a positive and glowing review!!

We are very thankful for all of our customers. I am going to take Sharon’s lead and make sure to let those I do business with know how much I appreciate their service.

Also… did you know? A lot of our designers send out bonuses (coupons, freebies, offers etc) directly to those who have purchased from them during the month. Woohoo! Could it get better.

Thank you again Sharon for just helping me take a moment … to happy tingle… Have a wonderful day!


PS Added note after I sent I thought really... I am so proud of my "More Team" ladies! Just phenomenal! They go out of their way all the time for our members. Just the best!

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K Andrew said...

I enjoyed helping Sharon and walking her thru the file process. Of course I always enjoy helping my customers--it's such a nice way to end or start the day!