Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Sunday do's list

Yep workin’ on the Sunday do’s. I got a little extra done. I canned for the first time. Some praline syrup which I think would be good on ice cream, brie, pancakes. Yum. Still working on the laundry. Well to be honest. Way behind on the laundry.


A super fun burn of my time today. Driving to walgreen’s I won a basket of goodies from Walgreen’s. I bought some mascara and eyeliner and I was entered in a drawing. Wooho! So went to pick it up. I am not sure in any way what to do with some of this stuff. So we shall see, but makeup it is so expensive it is fun to get it in a basket and tinker and then decide. WOW not so me! Haha.


And a few weeks ago I was asked to post my menus if I have time as they would help others when planning is stressful. Very interesting hadn’t thought about it. So here is this coming weeks. Not a lot of great new recipe attempts, but a lot of use of our bountiful basket.  Hope you can use it.





Sunday night. – grilled burgers and grilled corn (bbasket)


Monday  - Spaghetti & Noodles ( Hubby will be gone and he is not a fan of red sauce. So easy for kiddo and I. Going to add mushrooms (bbasket) and meat to the sauce to add a little punch to it. And fresh shredded mozarella)


Tuesday -  Make your own as I plan to work on canning applesauce and pie filling. Cooking dinner will be my last thought (So might thaw out some bratwurst we have so the hubby can grill and maybe the corn from the basket)


Wednesday - Grilled Chicken & Whipped Butternut squash and Tinfoil apples (bbasket) warmed on the grill. Gonna make all the butternut squash up and have the leftover for lunch for me for the next few days.


Thursday  - If not, Salmon, Salad(bbasket) & Rice


Friday – Possibly movie night at school (If not, Fajitas: green and red bell pepers (bbasket), onion in pan) Marinate meat and grill. Have to see if I can get some tamales to compliment this)



Rough Shopping list:

Hamburger meat

Burger fixins

Corn on the cob

Spaghetti noodles

Noodles sauce

Mozarella cheese to shred


Sauerkraut ?

Bread/buns for burgers and bratwurst


Butternut squash




Salad fixing (whatever is left from basket fixings)



La crema media

Red green peppers


Fajita seasoning
Vegetarian Beans

Cheddar Cheese

Meat for fajitas



Just a quick list of needs and the nice thing…. I have everything but the salmon. Woohoo!!! But however we might be out of cheddar cheese by Friday as my kiddo is cheese maniac. Ahhh. As am I. so he comes by it honest. I am gonna call and beg my Dad for some curds on his next visit.


Love that!


Enjoy your week!




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