Saturday, September 25, 2010

Oh how I miss him..

Sunday is my grandfather's birthday. Gramps. A couple years ago he was released from his pain and taken to heaven. I still tear up at the thought of not having him across the table at the holidays. I miss hearing him sing "cheryl crows: all I wanna do is have some fun" he would hum it and sing the words with a british accent. He gave me my first job at his plant in the office. My first truck was from his plant a chevy scottsdale. It hauled butt when you hit the gas and was miserable to steer when I ran out of gas and this happened often for a girl in her school years. It had no radio so my brother and sister and I would sing goofy songs. We used to play golf where he and my Nan lived on the 9th hole. We would go out just at dusk, kick off our shoes and walk around on the green with our bare toes and putt a little with my grandfather showing us how to hold the putter. We spent our summers here from wisconsin and stayed with my grandparents. We rode in the back of the hatchback z280 then seat belts weren't an issue. My grandparents had a matching set. My Gramps was a lot of the "male role model" for us because my Dad lived so far away when my parents parted ways. I just am not sure if I miss him for his part in my life or that he won't be a part of my son's. That his sound advice gave me a rashin of "get yourself together christine" when he wanted to know if I had called my new guy back which is now my hubby. He was so right. That I was told after my baby shower that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the british couple as they had talked to everyone in the room. That the only baby shower my grandfather ever went to was mine and he oooohed and ahhhed over every little outfit with great comedy because he was told that's what you do at a baby shower. He hung through while most of the men had disappeared to play pool. Yes I miss him. Happy birthday Gramps we still miss you lots. And still... All we wanna do is have some fun because you showed us the way. With your dancing, with your smile, your pep, your "in the pink". And from my heart, With love.. Your miss america. Your granddaughter. Christine
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