Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rodeo pics

My friend Heidi took these two pics at the rodeo this past weekend. We came how with a 2nd place Mutton Busting prize and one very excited little cowboy. We also had a wonderful time dancing the night away and staying in our little RV and some friends camped also. Lots of friends came down to cheer on our little cowboy. So wonderful. I will write more later in the week because I, also, brought home a cold. Feel just miserable. So I am gonna conserve energy for getting ready for scouts tonight (my hubby volunteered to be den leader. Love him.) and workin’ on some more QMC files. I hope you like the pics. I am gonna see if I can get some print worthy copies and put them up on my family wall. We hardly have any pics of the three of us and I love that you can see my kiddos dimple on his cheek in the side one. Heidi worked the picture a little in photoshop and it just rocks.  Thank you Heidi you are the bestest.



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