Friday, September 17, 2010

National Constitution Day!

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."


This is one of those days I use my right to have an opinion. You may not agree, but I am an American so I have rights. Thank you to those who have worked toward that end.


Well today. September 17th. Is National Constitution Day. It does not get a lot of play. There isn’t a section at Hallmark. There aren’t many celebrations around the constitution,  but the thing that bothers me the most….


April of last year on Earth Day, my son came home from school complaining that he got bad papers for the day because he was forced to spend the day doing his bellwork in the dark. A few days before we had been talking about penmanship and practicing and looking at a paper and deciding yes or no that it was something we could read easily so the teacher could us. Thus having good penmanship. And for light they sat with the doors open. The door is on one side in the shade and the window is on the other in the shade of a tree. For Earth day they frustrated me. I love my son’s school district they are absolutely phenomenal, but doing homework in the dark and sitting in a class where the air has been turned up to compensate for “earth day” is a bunch of BUNK. If you want to celebrate earth day. Get your kids dirty with earth and have them help plant, have them run mad outside for “earth day” but to sit in a classroom in the dark and work on writing and doing bell work. ABSOLUTELY ridiculous.


I have read that the schools that gain federal funding are required to teach the constitution and it’s basics. I don’t think it has to be taught on any specific day, but I do believe they are required to teach it.


Today my son came home and I asked. So … Did you talk about the Constitution today? He stared at me quizzically. He said. Welllllll… what’s the constitution. And in that lies the answer. ( I am sure he will come out after pondering the question and ask me if it was the one from that National Treasure movie. J)  Luckily we are those annoying over achiever parents that spend time with their kid and do homework, read, flash cards etc to help him embrace school because we do it with him.


So maybe you wouldn’t have anyone to send a “Happy Constitution” Hallmark Card to.  (although I am sure Maxine from Hallmark could come up with a ton of good ones) But maybe just reading it to say you had would be reason enough to celebrate. I asked 7 different people today in my route to pickup a few things for the weekend. 6 said they had never read it. Three of those 6 said they might have sometime in school. They were all shocked I asked. I asked folks at the feed store, the dollar store, Michael’s and the grocery store. I have read it. I haven’t memorized it which I don’t intend to, but I have read it. Tonight I plan to find a kid rated version and print it out and for reading. Read it to my kiddo. At the age of 6, the constitution is what Mom & Dad says.  He may not get it now, but when he is my age and realizes a lot about life the constitution will mean something to him.


So here are some things that might interest you if you are slightly prone to celebrating a day the promotes our rights as they were written in the Constitution. Because it the highest law and it belongs to all of us as citizens of the United States of America.



This is the gov’t page…


This is the page that has a ton of links that have been compiled.


Tonight and this weekend, I will be enjoying many of my freedoms because of this important document. How many can you Enjoy!


Have a wonderful weekend!





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