Thursday, January 16, 2014

Conversations with a 9 year old... cutting a man in half

This morning the question that gave me pause:
Can I cut a man in half?

Ahhh... my mind says just wait. But I am thinking it through. He was digging in his room. Lots of digging. We were talking pinewood derby for Scouts. Competition is steep, but not that steep.... hmm. I'll just pause...

Now I just give the pause outloud. "Ahhhh. If you are a doctor.... potentially"

You never know in this house. My husband and I do alot of crafting, building, fixing. They also watch Dr. Who which in itself makes a Mom think twice. And my son is no different. He will pull things apart adjust them make them different. Sooo... there is a good definition for "man" I know there is. My child however has not thrown it out for me to grasp onto.

And out of the room he comes staring intently and carefully and very focused. Holding a little plastic green army man...

"Or we could burn the bottom off" he says this with a considering tilt of the head.

My response.. "Yes. I think you can cut a man in half! Let's not burn it. Maybe something you can do with Dad." As I smile and he lines it up on the counter and looks at the angles of the little green man. Soon to be half a man, but for a good cause.

Looking forward to this years derby car. Has alot of thought going into it. I bought 4 different colors of paint and new paint brushes per D's request. Also, there is conversation about dremmeling door lines out. And now green army men. And lots of planning. :)

I love the creativity of it!

Love my life.

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Caroline said...

well thank goodness he meant a plastic man, although you have to feel sorry for the poor Army guy! LOL