Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So sorry for the delay

I have a ton of emails and have been out all day. I am posting to my blog and forum to let you know I will be right back at it first thing in the a.m. Or later tonight if I can shake these watery allergy eyes and runny nose. Hugs and thank you for your patience. Chris
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Monday, April 25, 2011

1st place "sticker" for my Jam

Now that the Fair is over and what an awesome Fair. I have a few
pictures and stories to share.
Here is my first. Yeah I got 1st place for my first entry of Jam in the
fair. So excited about this. I entered Pineapple Pear Jam. Of course I
checked to make sure I wasn't the only one. It looked like there were 1st
and 2nd places and best of show for each type of canned goods. I was very

My son, however, not as excited for me. He got a 1st and 2nd place RIBBON.
When he saw my little blue 1st place sticker. He said. It's a sticker? I
said yeah I get the ribbon after the Fair but isn't that so cool. He smiled
at me and said "It's a Sticker." And gave me the smile where I know he knows
he is giving me a hard time. So I replied with. " I think I need an awards
cork board like yours for all my awards." He smiled his toothy grin and said
"MOM, It's a sticker!" hahaha love our banter.

My hubby took lots of pics and was super proud of our ventures in entering
the Fair. The Fair is one of my most favorite things. So getting a sticker
or a ribbon made me super happy!!! Thanks to all the friends and family who
commented and saw it!
Love it.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last day to grab those early bird files

They are getting ready to fly away!!


Today is the last day the early bird files will be offered with the Quarterly Membership Club.

This membership promises 20+, in the past there has been 29, if you add these 4early bird files.

That is a lot of membership and files with lots of cuts for $10.00


You can join here…  http://www.visualdesignsbychris.com/store/product.php?productid=17854


If you want to see more info about the files and details visit here.




For those who have joined already thank you!! For those just about to .. welcome..


For those wondering about files in membership.. here are some unsolicited testimonials from my QMC members.




"After the agony of trying to cut a title/sentiment file this weekend which must have had 1000 or more nodes, (from a designer from another store, not from VDBC) I can't wait to get more of your easy-to-cut files, Chris. Thanks for all the effort you put into editing the nodes! It really makes a difference for me." - Lisa


“Yours was the first membership I ever joined, in fact your files were the first I ever had that didn't come from the Silhouette store! Your memberships are the BEST, as are the files in your store.” - Vicki


“I HAD to have the membership NOW! I'm very impatient when it comes to getting you membership clubs! ROFLOL Love, love, LOVE what you have already!!!! Beautiful files, ladies...go see....go see!!!!!!” - Sue


“Glad to see I'm not the only one that loves Chris's files.” - Ginger


THANK YOU as always to my MEMBERS! You are the best.






Tuesday, April 19, 2011

weird but true: Tomatoes

I am in a weird mood. Maybe because I am stressed about my coughing kiddo. Missing the hubby who is at work and I just wanna play hookie for a day. Or just because it’s one of those days when I am in a weird mood where I ponder weird things. So here is my weird moment…


I love Tomatoes. I don’t like the skin. Is that bizarre? I always get looks. I buy tomatoes and eat one every day for lunch. I love heirloom tomatoes. A good tomato sits on the counter and warms up before you eat it. A better tomato is fresh from the garden. (hard to get hear with the heat and the birds, and varmints) Mozarella tomato and balsamic vinegar yum. Tomatoes under the broiler on a piece of gluten free toast with a little cheese on top. Yum. Spaghetti rice Noodles with olive oil, feta cheese, turkey sausage cut up in chunks, chopped green onions and you guessed it… tomatoes. Oh double whammy yum for a delish meal. But the skin ugh. I don’t like it at all. I plant cherry tomatoes because folks can grab them and go. My kiddo loves them in that way. Me I am not a fan of the cherry tomato. Why? Because well… you guessed it… to much skin!



Have a fantastic day!






Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The April-June 2011 QMC is up. grab those early bird files!!

Current January through March files are listed at the bottom of this email.

Please download all 29 by April 15th. These files will be available in the store

For those who have not purchase the Jan-Mar membership already.

Please visit the forum or 4shared and download your files.


Thank you so much for all the emails asking me where the April-June Membership!!

Every one of them made me smile from ear to ear! You really are an awesome group!

Which is now up in the store. Join in the next few days and you will also got the bonus files shown below

Early Bird Bonus file… 4 of the…

Summer Fun Mini Album for a journal or mini scrapbook. Two styles, one with 2011 and one without.

Swimsuit Season with a title, Swim border, and stylized sun.

2 butterfly card fronts… very stylized and easy for quick gifts

2 fancy flower edges.. great for a vinyl cut, etching, or the side of a garden scrapbook page. Easy cut and versatile.

And “the perks 2011” is open to current members. This is any free files from 2011 I post on my blog and have taken down from there. They are posted in the perks section for downloading.

You can join here.

Early Bird Files for the first few days in store shown below. Download immediately from store after purchase.

If you’d like to join, jump in here.

And thank you again for everyone who does. You support my passion of creating cutter files and my family.

While you are in the store… Visit the Grab Bag for April. It is full of 3D items and lots of cuts.

For only $7.00

___The list of Jan-Mar QMC Files for members of 1st quarter. Please download by April 15th ____

You must have purchased membership already to download.

1. CD00807 - Tending my Heart 
2. CD00806 - Heart Card Fronts 806 
3. CD00809 - Your Smiles Make 
4. CD00808(_2) - Love Bird Card Set 
5. CD00811 - Groovy 
6. CD00814 - Fun Gals Group 1 
7. CD00813 - Fun Gals Group 2 
8. CD00816 - HUnting & Fishing 
9. CD00815 - Cupcake Wrapper Football 
10. CD00817 - Pram Set 
11. CD00818 - Mr. Blockhead 
12. CD00819 - Shamrock Set 
13. CD00820 - Good luck goodie bag 
14. CD00824 - Fancy Birdcage 
15. CD00822 - Frogs Rule 
16. CD00827 - Dinosaur 
17. CD00823 - Flower Moments 
18. CD00826 - Elephant under a Rainbow 
19. CD00825 - Fancy Tall Cards 
20. CD00828 - Identity Crisis 
21. CD00831 - Familyt that/penguins 
22. CD00829 - My heart is filled with Clover 
23. CD00830 - Heart Hands 
24. CD00832 - Senioritis 
25. CD00833 - ABC- IloveU 

26. CD00834 - Runners Club 
27. CD00835 - New Car New Ride 
28. CD00839 - Dancing across the page 
29. CD00840 - Fleur de lis 

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yeah for 7 years old!

Today is my 7 year old’s birthday! He is such a joy in our life.(and yes this is his new silly grin, he is trying to show off how his new tooth is coming in. hahah) I asked him what he wanted for his “birthday dinner”. His reply was Ra! Sushi. Well this is a bit of a drive from us on a school night, so we have setup plans for another day to get some Sushi with friends! Yeah! But 2nd choice was El Charro CafĂ©. So we shall be enjoying some yummy mexi-food for dinner to celebrate. And Celebrate we did on Saturday. No Matter the weather. And it was freezing freezing. We live in Arizona and for the most part I would think warm, but last Saturday was rain and cold about 40 degrees. In the a.m., my little one and I were worried not many would come, but by mid afternoon we had a full house filled with warmth and laughter and whenever the rain let up the fire was going with s’mores and the kids ran around like crazy. By the evening, some of us watched a movie with the kids others still hung out by the fire. So wonderful. Thank you to everyone who came and as usual those who couldn’t I totalllllly get it. It was chilly willy.


Happy Birthday to my kiddo. Truly we are blessed to have him in our lives.




Friday, April 1, 2011

April Grab Bag 2011

This Grab Bag is full of files that stand up proud! Cupcake Wrappers, Boxes, Cards, Lanterns, Birdhouse, Wow!
And lots of ideas for spring gifts and Easter too!

If you want to see a closer preview of the files included, they are posted in the store!

Only $7.00 for all these files together for