Monday, April 30, 2007

Men's Gym Set 68

So as promised here is the Men's gym set. Hope everyone likes it who needed it. I tried to cover most of the men's sports. The password is the same as the last post. With lots of cuts in this file. This file is no longer available for free download, but will be up at Paperthreads soon.

So we went to the Fair and what a great time and my son is such a trouper. We got there at 10 and I wasn't wearing a watch at all and we walked around. Saw the animals, the trains, the tractors, road some rides, had a corn dog and he just kept going and going and going. For three he was ready to hit the fair. When we got out to the truck at about 3:30 pm. He started crying cause he wanted to go back. It was lots and lots of fun. Nothing like seeing things again for the first time through a child's eyes. Everything is interesting and he points out things you would have glanced right over.

My only moment of concern was my husband had hit the carousel with him and now it was my turn. So I bit the bullet and went. We are going along smoothly. 4 passes of my husband, 5 passes of my husband standing on the side and all of a sudden I am like wow. Good thing I didnt eat. Holy smokes I am gonna be sick. I look up on the next pass and there is my loving husband with the camera just grinning from ear to ear taking pictures. I got off and he was like. Wow you were looking greeeeeeennnn. So he got out the camera to document that. are you serious??? And yes I looked at the pics. I was definitely holding on to that carousel pole with white knuckles.

So I didnt see any deep fried twinkies anywhere. Wew must have gotten a notice that it was causing severe clogged arteries or something. Or sugar rushes beyond control.

It rained just as we got there and in fact there was quarter size pieces of hail. Hail in Arizona in April. We were all shocked. And because of the lightning with the storm the mountain behind us got hit and started a fire. They let it burn out. Beginning of the season, but there is always some kinda fire warning going on since it is so dry out.

Well I better get moving. It's Monday. Welcome to the week, may it be a great one!


PS My son starts going to "school" this week. He is excited and I am nervous. My only child so what can I say. A little nerves can get anyone. It will be three days a week. He needs the social interaction and it will get me into the office a little more and able to do a few other things. So tomorrow will be his first day and my post here may be a little slow because of it. Just a heads up.

PSS Don't forget about the word book challenge. The details are on the top right of my blog.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Square Set Extras, Bronc, Cake, Heart, Hand

Here are some of the square set for the challenge. Please do not share or alter and claim as your own. These are for personal use only!

Okay, so it's the weekend!! Wooohooo! We are headed to the Fair this weekend and then my sister is taking our son and we are going out! Another WOOOHOOOOO!! I am looking forward to it. Love the little guy, but look forward to a few hours of being an adult and a romantic dinner and seeing a few friends for dancing. My hubby and I met on the dance floor. We love to dance. We should do it a bit more at least for the aerobic exercise. But every chance we can get. We dance.

So at the Fair, we will be seeing the Tractor Pulls. My three year old son is super excited about it. I have pics last year of him standing at the fence line just engrossed in the whole thing. These aren't the sup'd up hot rod tractors. These are the John Deere pucka pucka tractors. He has a John Deere movie the vol. 1. He can recite it from start to finish and tell you all about the engine change etc in the john deere tractors. I made him tshirt last year that said. I May Be Two, But I love the Greene! He got so many compliments on it. I personally love the 4-h projects and the exhibit hall and well uh... the fudge. man alive. I hate to make fudge, but I love it. So i limit myself to two small pieces of two different flavors. Last time we were there they had Fried Twinkies. I don't eat Wheat Gluten/Flour. So it was off my list of possible food choices. My husband tried the deep fried snicker I think it was. He said it was like a snicker encased with doughnut and then he added powdered sugar and choco syrup on top. I looked at him like he was crazy and he smiled at me. Yowser, his sugar crashed so quick I thought I was gonna have to carry him out of the fair. But man do I love my husband. he pushes me to try new things. love it love it. Luckily I can't eat gluten/flour. So I dodged that twinkie bullet.

Oh and by the way. My phone number is so close to the fair number that I have spent the last 2 weeks teaching people that Fair is spellled FAIR not FARE. And then they ask .. How did you know that was what I dialed??? And I sweetly say .... cause that is how you got me! Some people have a mission in life. I think one of mine is to teach people how to spell Fair.

Okay so have I yacked enough. I guess I should go get some things done so I don't have to work all weekend. 4shared seems like it is taking the password flower. so hopefully that is all handled.



Bronc No longer available for free download.
Cake No longer available for free download.
Heart No longer available for free download.
Hand No longer available for free download.

Available in the Paperthreads store.

Personal Use Only! Please do not share or alter and claim as your own! Please direct people to my blog and do not send out the direct link to the download. So appreciated! Downloading of these files is an acceptance of these terms. Thank you.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gym 64

Here is the other Gym Set. Lots of pieces included. Vault, Beam, Bars etc. This file is for personal use only! Please do not share or alter and claim as your own. Downloading the file is an acceptance of these terms. New Password: flower
Just a quick note! I am working on some boy gymnastic images too! Might be out next week.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Rou Star, Hands, Key for the Namebook Challenge

Okay on to a new day and another set of Challenge Pages for the Word books. This is the Round Star, Hands, and Keys for the Namebook Challenge.

I hope to get these posted up to the Paperthreads Server by the end of the day so the whole set of "Extras", which is what I am calling it, will be sold together. I am going to put the Square and Round Pages all together in the one sale file. So lots of files in one.

So next.... These files are for personal use only! Please do not alter and share as your own. If you are opening up a .wpc file you must first open your WPC program up and then open the file through the program. I have saved it as an older version WPC for the pazzle users and I hope this will fix the problemos there. As with new things there is always a little bit of tweaking. So the password is buzz and the links are Here. These links are no longer available for download, but the entire set of extras is available at Paperthreads.

It's Wednesday, Enjoy!


PS I will leave the gymnastics file up for a few hours this morning so those who missed it last night because of 4shared can get it. 4shared is not my website, so I don't have control over them. Sometimes they may or may not be down.
PSS So what do you think of my blog header. I messed it with it all day yesterday. My only frustration is for the life of me I cannot get it centered....rrrr. Anyone who mess with HTML know what I should do? haha. Otherwise there it is.Something different something new! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Getting reports that 4shared is having problems. I will leave the file up til in the morning. Check it out then and see if it is working. I tried it myself and it works, but thinking it might be intermittent.

Remember when retrying a page if you want to do a hard refresh of a page in case it is stuck on your temporary files for a web page that has been downloaded. Anyways. the hard refresh of a webpage is hold the shift key down and click the refresh in your browser. It will force the page to reload from the start and not pull from the resources already on your computer.


Gymnastics Set 63

Todays Download is a Gymnastics set. I have two and this is the first of them. Included in the download is a frame that says eat, sleep, tumble, 5 gymnasts in floor poses, the word gymnastics welded together with a mat. The blue piece cuts as a whole piece and says "Reach for the stars ... with your toes." The letters have been stenciled so no little center pieces to search for after cutting. There is also a star and circle included just in case you want to set it up the way I did.
I was inspired for the two sets because I have been taking my son to toddler time at the local gymnastics center. for 4 dollars he runs around like mad for an hour and I get to tumble around with him to. It is fantastic. It is a regular gymnastics place with the beam, vault, parallel bars etc. not a Tumble for Toddlers place. Anyways, you can take your child in, but you have to watch them. There must be about 30 kids and their parents there. I love to see the parents who partake with their kids and not those who just sit on the sides and point fingers.
Well Enjoy the downloads. the password is buzz. please only use personally which means on your own computer and not shared to someone elses. Even posting a part of my file as your own on a yahoo group is not acceptable! If you can't follow these simple guidelines, Please do not download. No longer available for free download, but can be purchase at the store soon. >Here<
and the second set is also available HERE. A new WPC file for those having problems. You may need to open WINPC or your software first, then open the file and it should work. thanks
PS Thank you to those who answer questions for me on Yahoo Groups. I have been asked to not post unless I plan to moderate on some groups. Well considering I am moderating a few, running this blog, and trying to find design time and spend time with a 3 year old and hubby, I just cannot commit to another one. And because I can't commit to it. I can't post a response sometimes. So thank you thank you thank you to everyone who helps out with it. I appreciate it.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Namebook Extras Round Cake, Smile, Heart

Okay so the Challenge is in full swing. The link for the challenge details post is on the top right of my blog. I hope everyone can join. The due date is May 20th. You can post anytime between now and then. Can't wait to see everyone's craftiness.
Here are some additional pages for those who would like them. These Downloads contain the round cake and the round smile and the round heart. Password is still buzz.
I haven't been able to find anything that I like that is baby oriented. So I didn't get a chance to make those. Hopefully something else will work in its place out of these files.
So make sure you pick the right link for what you want. And please remember these are for personal Use Only! Do not Share or Alter and claim as your own.
Round Cake >These Downloads hit the number quick and are no longer available for FRB<
Round Smile >These Downloads hit the number quick and are no longer available for FRB<
Round Heart >These Downloads hit the number quick and are no longer available for FRB<

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Swim Team

First, Thank you to everyone for your great comments! They inspire me because of everyone's kindness. Every comment makes me smile and makes my day! As for my Nan, we will continue on and take whatever God hands us and make the best of every situation.

2nd, Great news!!! I will now be offering .wpc files here on my blog as freebies. Which can be used with Pazzles cutters or opened with WinPC for craftrobo and wishblade. So make sure when you click the download you get the one you want. Because I will still be offering GSD files as well.

3rd, These files are for personal use only! Downloading is an agreement of these terms. If you need a full copy of my terms of Use. It is available on my mainwebsite. The password is buzz.

3th, A huge thank you to everyone directing people to my blog for files. I am not quick enough to read all the groups I am on. So when people take the time to answer people's questions about my blog. I really really appreciate it. It makes me smile because I know I have such great supporters of this blog.

This was a request made a while ago on my blog. I still have quite a list of requests and trying to make my way through them, but I love them. Hope it works for what is needed.

GSD Download > No Longer Available for free download<
WPC Download > No Longer Available for free download<
Don't forget about the Name Book Challenge!!! It is up and running at the Paperthreads Forum and the details are posted here a few days back.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Life in General

So I am a little behind. Hasn't been a great week and my Nan (grandma) has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Not a great thing for anyone and even worse her age and current health. I usually handle life as it is thrown at me without any problems, it just has been a super busy year already with lots of pitches. I am looking forward to vacation. I am going to work on files this weekend for next weeks download. Unfortunately, I don't have one today. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tabs and the last set of numbers including symbols

Two Downloads today... The first is a tall set of tabs. I saw a spiral bound book with these at the local craft shop and thought. hmmm. wouldn't it be nice to do it my way! so these are 6 inches tall with the tab and 10 inches long in the file, but you can resize it how you want of course. This file is gone it met its download number mid afternoon. Sorry you missed it. It is for sale at Paperthread if it is something you have to have. Thanks for looking.
And the next is another of my Word Book Sets. With the Challenge underway at Paperthreads and see the details in a previous post..... I figured I better get the last one up! This link is no longer available for free download, but can be purchase here.
I hope everyone has a fantastic day and remember while downloading these files they are for personal use only! No sharing or altering and claiming as your own!

PS Don't forget to look at the challenge details. Everyone has until May 20th to post a Sample of their Name Word Book. The winners will get a voucher for freebie files. Read the previous post for more details. PW for the previous files are buzz.

Challenge has started for the Name Books

For my downloaders.... I will take 5 requests for additional files to finish your creation. Already I have one from Joni for a heart shape in the square set. So four more! Post a comment here and I will take them in the first order posted under the comments on this blog. I will post them to the blog for everyone to have by next week.

Here are the details for the challenge...
Quick Links....
Here is the link to the forum at Paperthreads.
Here is the link to the challenge gallery where pictures need to be posted.

Everyone wants to see a sample of a Name Book sometimes called a Word Book. So I am running a challenge based on those created from the name/word book files I have offered as freebies and now available for purchase in the store.

Post your pictures at the Challenge Gallery to be voted on.

Criteria to enter the challenge:
1) The criteria is that the book base is created from my name/word book files either the square or rounded font. Anything you embellish it with and anyway you put it together would be your creative license. Any other designers files are welcome as long as the base is made from my Name/Word book letters from either set. (If it is questionable that your file is not based on my files then your entry will be invalid.)

2) It is posted in the Challenge gallery at Paperthreads starting any time through May 20th, 2007.

3) The book must be a minimum of 5 letters/numbers/symbols total and as long as you'd like.

4) Voting will start on May 22nd, and will run through May 30th. With the winners announced on or around June 3rd, 2007.

They will be voted on by the members of the forum at Paperthreads.

First Place: I will send you up to ten files of your choice from my past blog posts.
Second Place: I will send you up to five files of your choice from my past blog posts.

Some of my blog posts are not up at Paperthreads for sale. So this is your chance to get them now after they have been taken down.

Hopefully, I have answered most everything. But if not, post any questions.

I have a sample of my name book up on my blog and in the designer gallery there. As well as, another sample from Joni here. Make sure to post your photos in the challenge gallery because that is where they will be voted on.

Be Creative and Enjoy!!!


Fine Print for winners: Each freebie given away on my blog counts as one file choice. Some sets have more then one download, i.e. Name Books and could count for multiple choices. For those who have been with me from the start and don't have a file they have missed, I will keep a running log of your choices and you have until August 31st to use it up on any future missed freebies offered on my blog. (Great for those summer month vacations when we are away from our computers & cutters!) The winning file choices only come from my blog and not the Paperthreads Store. Winner's pictures will be posted on my blog after voting is finished, entering the contest is an agreement for use of these photos with credit given to the creator, by myself for future promotions. There is no monetary value associated with this challenge. Entering your photo of project in this challenge is an agreement to the above terms.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Square Name Word Book Numbers 0-5

This is numbers 0-5. This link is no longer available. The password is buzz. Please do not share or alter and claim as your own. These are for personal use only!

Get ready for the Namebook Challenge for either set. If you missed any of the letters or want the whole set they are available at Paperthreads.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Butterfly Bunch

A group of Butterflies for download with 2 reeds of grass layered and a two piece butterfly net. The words "Butterfly Bunch" each cut in one piece and have a mat for underneath to layer. Also each butterfly has two layers that fit right on top of eachother to give your butterflies any color your hearts desire. This file is no longer available for download,but is available for purchase at Paperthreads. Files are for personal Use Only! Please do not share or alter and claim as your own.

PS Buzz is Buzz Lightyear... to infinity and beyond!! same password as last file post.
Don't forget to check out the last post with the great sample of a NameBook that I received.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Namebook Challenge is coming!

Okay so I am working out the kinks, but there will be a Namebook Challenge held on the Paperthreads forum with either of my Namebook files and they must be 5 letters or longer. Pretty much the only basics will be they have to be a book from my files used for the base, but you can use any other designers or my own files to embellish it. So if you have downloaded them and started to play! Now is the time. I will announce it here and at the Paperthreads forum when it goes live. So for now. Here is a fantasticccccc Namebook creations sent to me by Joni Damico...

She writes ......
I attached the pics. You can post them if you like them. It spells Sharon :) Also I noticed on the some of the pics she cut off the side of the letters. They aren't like that, they cut very nice. This was the first project that I have done with the Wishblade! It was so easy with the awesome files that you made.
I also didn't cut out 2 of each letter, I just used double sided paper instead. Hope you enjoy.

Way to go Joni, It is beautiful!!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Square Name Word Book UVWXYZ

Here are the letters UVWXYZ! For those still looking for the Square Word Book Set. This file is no longer available for free download, but may be purchased at Paperthreads. Please only use for personal use and do not share or alter ad claim as your own.
password is buzz. Can you guess what that is for since I have a three year old? I will be posting the numbers for download here as a freebie on this set for those who are emailing and requesting them.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's the weekend!

Of course it's the weekend so I am slow on downloads. I have a few I am working on but they are not complete. Going to go watch the sun go down with my hubby and son. May the rest of your weekend be wonderful


Friday, April 13, 2007

Patio, Fun, Food & BBQ

Here is the download for today. The words all cut in one piece and then they have a Mat for underneath, The umbrella is a solid piece with a slotted piece for on top to give it the two color look, two patio chairs and a table.
This link no longer available for download. Please do not share or alter and claim as your own. this file is for personal use only! summer is the PW.
Hope everyone likes. I felt like I was working on a miniature dollhouse with this. Not sure why, but this was a request and I hope it was what was being looked for and I hope it gets some use by everyone else.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


An additional download today out of thanks for everyones comments and reviews over at the Paperthreads Store.


This link is no longer available, but may be purchased at Paperthreads here. Please do not share or alter and claim as your own. Password is summer.

Okay and if you get a chance check out this project at the Paperthreads Gallery. It include my Dog file. I love it and think it so super cute! If the owner of the picture wants to email me the picture as well I will post it here on the blog with credit listed. I just think it is super cute, but didnt want to post it here without permission. It reminds me of my Dad's & Brother's big 'ol dogs. I grew up with hunting dogs all my life with big floppy ears and now I have heelers with Pointy ears and barely a flop to the either. I think my Brother and Dad probably figure I have lost my morals when it comes to dogs. hahaha. But they have black roofs in their mouths which was something my Grandpa attributed to smarts in a dog. So it is a rule of thumb for us in the family when it comes to dogs. I wonder how that works for horses. hahaha. can't imagine looking at the roof of a horses mouth with those big ol teeth. yowser! Well anyways make sure to check it out. debenj posted it and I love it! Debbie sent me an email with the picture from the layout. Here it is. Super Cute!

Square Name Word Book QRST

This file is no longer available and the password summer. TOU: For Personal Use Only!

Thank you again to everyone posting comments!

Enjoy your day!


PS These are the colors in my bedroom I have been working on so hard. It is coming out beautifully. Not very much of the champagne/mauve color, but the yellow & brown are on the walls and the red is here in there in touches.


Thank you Thank you Thank you to everyone who posted a review at Paperthreads. Michelle the owner of Paperthreads actually commented on all the reviews.
All I can say in thanks is to keep offering my freebie files.

I must say I am bouncing up and down off the walls and grinning from ear to ear with all the reviews!! It really made my day. I am going to go sit down and read them all.

Then work on the next file for you guys some more and play with my son some because it is his 3rd birthday today and we have a train set sitting in the middle of our living room. One of those imaginarium wooden ones. He is loving it. Apparently sitting in the middle of the track circle is the best seat to play and also he is singing Happy Birthday For You! while he is playing and I am typing this message.

Again Thank you
And Enjoy!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Square Name Word Book MNOP

Well I am still working on my file. So here is the link for the next letters of the Name Book. MNOP Only. Terms of Use: Are for Your Very Own Personal Use Only! Downloading this file is an acceptance of these terms.



This file is no longer available for free download. Password summer.

Tues Morning!

I am still working on a file for today. Should be later today.

But what I do need from my faithful downloaders are some comments posted in the Paperthreads Store. Here is the direct link to my files section there. If you have purchased or downloaded a file here and cut it and used it and liked it, please post me a comment there. To do this you flip through my files (from the direct link) for the file you have a comment for, go to that file and on the bottom there is a box that says "write a review". It would greatly help me out.

Also, I have been asked about the numbers for this sequence of letters and I will have them offered seperately for this go round.

Also, all the files I have already offered in the square letter set are mostly up on paperthreads already and should have the rest up by the end of the week. Most of my posts here have the direct link in them.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Freebie policies, IJKL

I receive approximately 100 emails everyday asking for the previous file with any various of reasons. It is not my policy to offer these files up again after they have been removed. I offer my files for freebie and then they are offered up for sale on Paperthreads. If you missed a file, please consider purchasing it to help me continue in the ability to offer my files for free. I have a sweet number for every file and when I hit that limit or 24 hours I will take that file down. I have experienced an increase in downloads and hits on my blog. So I have increased that "sweet number". I am only offering the IJKL file up because of the problems with 4shared last night. I am way over my number for downloads so this file after the second time has been taken down. If you would like to purchase it, in the post it is listed is a link to the purchase site. All the same terms apply. Thank you for taking the time to read this and consider the effort that goes into every file when downloading and considering not sharing it with others because of that reason. Your patronage of my files at Paperthreads and positive comments are greatly appreciated.

Western Skies

The evenings here have been beautiful. When we get a chance we sit outside and watch the horses run around and the beautiful sunsets. Chris LeDoux has a county song called Beneath these Western Skies and I think it is one of my husband and mines favorite songs. So this file is simple with not a ton of frills, but I love to watch my horses do their thing. It is very quiet and simple and relaxing thing for me. This file has the words Western Skies welded together and then a mat to place underneath it. Hope someone can use the file. This file is no longer available for download, but may be purchased here. Please do not share or alter and claim as your own. Please do not post to Yahoo Groups. I offer my files free before I put them up for sale. So everyone has a chance at them. Thank you. Downloading this file is an acceptance of these terms. password is summer.
Chris LeDoux has since passed on. We were lucky enough to sit front row and see him perform a year before he passed. My hubby shook his hand and we had a wonderful evening.
Here are a few words from that song that ring true for us....

But if they ever saw a sunrise on a mountain mornin’
Watched those cotton candy clouds roll by
They know why I live beneath these Western Skies

I gotta be where I can see those Rocky Mountains
Ride my horse and watch an eagle fly
I gotta live my life and write my songs beneath these Western Skies
When I die you can bury me beneath these Western Skies, Yippee

Monday, April 9, 2007

Square Name Word Book, IJKL

Here is my first download today! If I can get my second one complete there will be two downloads for today. Same terms, Same Password to download. This file is no longer available for download, but you can purchase it here.



Friday, April 6, 2007


Okay so this is the third download today! I got a request for this a while back and was working on it. Today I saw another post on the yahoo groups and figured since I have most of the pieces worked out to upload it and offer it. I researched terms on the internet for Lacrosse and this was mostly what came up. So I put it together. My apologies if it isn't accurate. I have never played or seen the game played first hand, but there are alot of enthusiast on the internet. It seems to be you are either hardcore lacrosse fan or you like baseball during that season! Well Enjoy!
It is getting close to the weekend. And we all know my downloads are intermittent over weekends. I love to spend time with the family. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.
The red sign says LAX Rules: Run Fast, Play Hard and the top says LAX COMMON SENSE. Which I thought was just super cute.

This download is no longer available! Same terms of use as before. This is for personal use only! Password is summer

Square Name Word Book, EFGH

2nd download for today!

Here is the second set. This freebie is no longer available, but can be Purchased Here. The entire set is already for sale in the Paperthreads store and I hope to upload partial alphabets in the beginning of next week to the store. Enjoy your weekend! Same terms of use apply.



Okay I couldn't resist. Hope someone else can use these, but I know of one person that probably can. That is why I am calling this Lori-isms. Here is the link! Enjoy! Don't spill your coke and yes thats a soda bottle in there under the sticky sticky! and Please remember I am offering these files as freebies before they hit the store. Please do no share or alter and claim as your own. PW is summer.



Thursday, April 5, 2007

Square Name Word Book, ABCD

Okay so I am offering two files today! So scroll down and see the second one as well as this one. This is ABCD from my square Name/Word Book. For those who would like to try it. I am considering a challenge to see a completed Book Sample in the gallery at Paperthreads that is why I am running a poll. I haven't decided yet if I want to do it or not, but thought I would see how many were interested.

This file is no longer available, but can be Purchased Here. Password is summer. Same TOU.



You Should See the Other Guy!

Okay so here is a file in honor of my sons latest bumps and falls. A picture frame with bruiser, a two piece bandaid, words that cut in one piece with a mat, a first aid kit, and a bordered frame with First Aid wording. Hope someone can use the file like I can. Thank you to Lori (BK) for the great input.

Everyone have a wonderful day




PS . PW is summer. Downloading of the file is an acceptance of my TOU. Please do not download if you plan to share or alter and claim as your own. I work hard on my files and I have seen them posted already on a group more then once. Please do not share or post to any group or forum and ruin it for everyone! This file is no longer available for free download, but can be purchased Here.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Backyard BBQ

I guess I am in a bit of a summer party mood. This file is no longer available for free download. It may be purchased Here. Downloading the file is an acceptance of these terms. BBQ is joined together with a Mat. The words backyard are stenciled and will cut with the oval all in one piece.

So I worked on the second alphabet set and will probably offer it's pieces intermittently with the other files I create. A sample of it is below. If you would like the file right away, I uploaded it to Paperthreads this morning and it can be purchased Here.

Thank you for the great positive feedback! I read them at the beginning of the day and it is great way to start the day. Motivating to create something new. The PW for the BBQ file is summer.

So an update on the family, for those interested, My son took a fall yesterday when outside so he looks like a bruiser. Scrape on his cheek, his forehead and his lip. He gets to spend time with Grandma tomorrow and he looks like he was in a fist fight. hoping the swelling will go down by the morning. I bought some kites, kickball and a few other things for his upcoming birthday party. We plan to go to the park and have a picnic. Should be fun! I am looking forward to it. I love to see his little face light up. Well I better get going with new bedroom furniture comes the need for paint on the walls and I am doing it in sections so I can move furniture around in between wall coats. Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Cool Drinks Hot Days

It isn't quite hot here in Arizona, but it will be here soon... I can feel it coming. Hope you enjoy the file! It has many great pieces that can be used together or seperately. The words cut all in one piece and have a mat to go under them. This file is now available for purchase Here. These files are for personal use only! Please do not share or alter and claim as your own. Downloading the file is an acceptance of these terms. Thank you. PW is birthday.



Sunday, April 1, 2007

Help Help Input needed

I need some input. I have had about 10 requests so far for another batch of letters for a name book in a font that is not so childish, but more square or times roman etc. Post your comments here please and then I will know if I should take the time to do it. Or, if not many are interested, I could post a new set in between other files. All I know is, if all my faithful downloaders aren't interested I will skip it and maybe just create one to put in the store.
Let me know folks.
Thanks mucho!
Have a wonderful Sunday!

UVWXYZ.... and the rest of the story!!!!!

The last piece. Here is the link. If you missed anything the whole set or parts are for sale in the Paperthreads store. Gotta run cause my brother and his wife are here to visit this morning. Password birthday. Same terms as the last one.